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Emily Blunt’s stylist speaks out as fans are ‘still not over’ major detail on Oscar dress

Emily Blunt’s stylist speaks out as fans are ‘still not over’ major detail on Oscar dress

Blunt's dress drew a lot of attention from folks at home

Emily Blunt’s stylist has addressed one big detail in her dress that left social media users perplexed.

The 41-year-old actor was accompanied by her husband John Krasinski, 44, on the Oscars red carpet at The Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles on Sunday (10 March).

And while the 44-year-old Jack Reacher star opted for an all-white suit, Emily stepped out at the 96th Academy Awards in a stunning Schiaparelli couture dress with silver heels.

The sequin-embellished gown featured a contrasting l’oeil boxer short motif and a maxi hemline.

Styled by Jessica Paster, the Oppenheimer star completed her outfit with a suite of Tiffany & Co necklaces and earrings - which weighed over 100 carats and 6 carats respectively.

And while some fans were distracted by Emily and John's adorable interaction together on the red carpet, others were a bit confused by one element of the mother-of-two’s outfit.

Have you noticed it too?

Emily Blunt at the Oscars.
Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic/Getty Images

Someone tweeted a photo of Emily's dress and wrote: "What’s with the shoulder straps on Emily Blunt’s dress? Why are they standing up like that?"

Another had a similar opinion, saying: "Begging Emily Blunt to do something about her shoulder straps."

One person said they were 'still not over' the dress, adding: "She looks stunning but the straps were levitating and it made her look boxy."

A fourth said: "What’s with Emily Blunt’s shoulder straps."

And a final said: "I’m so distracted by the shoulders on Emily Blunt’s dress."

From certain angles, it almost looked as if Emily's dress was floating off her shoulders - which was very noticeable when she was sitting in her seat during the actual ceremony.

Not exactly what I picture when I think of 'off-the-shoulder'.

But now, Jessica has addressed the confusion surrounding the floating straps.

Speaking with Vanity Fair, she said "Sometimes we don't play it safe. At this point of years of being with Emily, we can go have fun with fashion.

Jessica Paster (left) has been styling Emily for years.
Anna Webber/Getty Images for Jenny Bird

“Did I know that people were going to talk about the shoulder? Absolutely. Do I care what anybody else has to say? Absolutely not. Me? I think that people that know fashion, like fashion, like things that are interesting, were going to like it and I know the people that like some things that are very classic were not going to like it.”

She added that 'at the end of the day', Emily looked 'absolutely beautiful' and the dress was 'beautiful too'.

And who knows if we'll see this design again as Jessica predicts that we might see more of it in the future.

Emily's Oppenheimer co-star, Florence Pugh, also had a floating shoulder moment going on - so watch this space.

Featured Image Credit: Eric McCandless/Disney via Getty Images/Gilbert Flores/Variety via Getty Images

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