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David Beckham has major wardrobe malfunction as he tries to fit into iconic 90s wedding suit

David Beckham has major wardrobe malfunction as he tries to fit into iconic 90s wedding suit

David and Victoria Beckham celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary in style

The ultimate footballer and WAG power couple of the Noughties, David and Victoria Beckham, are celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary today (4 July) - and did it in style.

This probably makes you feel really old, but the duo tied the knot back in 1999.

The Beckhams, who are celebrating their silver wedding anniversary, share four children, Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz and Harper.

The two went on to star in what has quickly become one of the most iconic docuseries of all time, Netflix's aptly-titled Beckham, which landed rave reviews.

The anniversary occasion has had us taking a trip down memory lane - including of the monumental wedding itself which reportedly cost almost £1 million.

Footage of Beckham's ex-Manchester United teammate Gary Neville telling an x-rated joke at the wedding reception lives rent free in all of our minds.

But of course, the most show-stopping element of all was those purple outfits.

Listen, it was 1999 and the Beckham's were the pinnacle of fashion at the time - but that doesn't mean it's aged well.

Victoria, who is now a successful fashion designer, could have easily looked back with shame on the wizard-hued look, but instead, the pair have taken it in their stride.

David suffered a wardrobe malfunction. (Instagram/@victoriabeckham)
David suffered a wardrobe malfunction. (Instagram/@victoriabeckham)

In fact, they recreated the legendary look and have sent social media into a frenzy.

In a series of snaps posted to Victoria's Instagram story, the two were happy to declare they've 'still got it' as they slipped into their outfits from 25 years ago.

The two shared snaps of them taking leisurely strolls through the grounds of their country house and posing on their wedding thrones.

Footage shows David having to shimmy into his suit and gasps in shock as his waistcoat seems to rip.

Victoria, on the other hand, effortlessly slips into her gown.

When David gets into the suit, he proudly exclaims: "I'm in! I'm in!"

Sharing a selfie of the two side by side, Victoria wrote: "Nailed it!! I think purple really is our colour!"

Sharing a carousel of photos of the day, Victoria captioned the post: "Yep, still got it! Can’t believe it’s been 25 years and they still fit! We love you so much @BrooklynPeltzBeckham @RomeoBeckham @CruzBeckham #HarperSeven."

People loved the iconic move. (Instagram/@victoriabeckham)
People loved the iconic move. (Instagram/@victoriabeckham)

Fans can't get enough of the genius move.

One person wrote: "When people say iconic this is what they should be referencing."

Another said: "And they said it would never last! Happy Silver Wedding Anniversary to the most incredible couple! Here’s to the next 25."

And David's mum, Sandra, wrote: "25yrs unbelievable and you both still look amazing. Special memories."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@victoriabeckham

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