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James Haskell told Chloe Madeley to 'go speak to a therapist' just days before split

James Haskell told Chloe Madeley to 'go speak to a therapist' just days before split

The pair had another spat which was filmed for their ITV reality show

James Haskell told Chloe Madeley to ‘go speak to a therapist’ just days before their shock split.

Viewers have been watching the former rugby player, 38, and his wife, television personality Chloe Madeley, 36, star in their own reality series, Chloe Madeley: A Family Affair.

But after the estranged couple announced their split over the weekend, fans have seen the show in a new light.

In a scene from the latest episode, James shared pictures with bikini-clad women in the background, while working as a DJ in Ibiza while Chloe stayed at home with their daughter Bodhi, 14 months.

The pictures caused quite the stir between the pair. Chloe tried to voice her frustration by telling James: “I had a really annoying tag on Instagram today under that really annoying post of you at Ocean Beach with all those girls with their a**es out. It was quite embarrassing.”

Chloe was upset about a picture James posted.

She claimed that one of her followers claimed she ‘felt sorry’ for her, James responded: ‘Why didn’t you just tell them to f**k off?”

Chloe, who is the daughter of TV presenters Richard and Judy Madeley, continued: “It’s almost like everyone knows you’re my husband and then you post a photo of yourself around these half naked women with a massive grin on your face and then I’m posting photos of me and Bodhi at home.

“I am just a bit embarrassed that people are feeling sorry for me and I don’t want them to.”

James didn’t appear to acknowledge Chloe’s point and said: “Well then don’t feel like they’re embarrassed for you.

“Also embarrassment is a feeling, not a thing. I didn’t embarrass you, you felt embarrassment. It’s all down to your reality.

“I’m doing it, it’s not going to change. I didn’t do anything, they’re there, they’re paid dancers, it’s just building the brand.”

After Chloe repeated that she found the image ‘embarrassing’, James hit back: “Well go and speak to a therapist, it’s not my problem.”

James Haskell shared pictures of his stint as a DJ in Ibiza.

James Haskell claimed Chloe Madeley treats him 'like a dog' just days before they ended their five-year marriage.

The pair announced to fans over the weekend that they had split in September and, now a month later, scenes from their ITVX programme have aired showing them arguing over a podcast.

Taking to her Instagram to share her feelings with fans on Saturday (28 October), she wrote: “James and I mutually decided separate at the end of September, 2023.”

“We had not planned on releasing a statement at this time - certainly not while the television show was airing - but constant speculation about our marriage has, unfortunately, forced our hand.”

“Beyond this statement, we will not be speaking about this matter publicly, and we would request privacy at this time.”

She added: “Our sole focus now is our beautiful daughter. We shall continue to co-parent with nothing but love.”

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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