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Former Coronation Street star Nicola Thorp has hit out at her ex-colleague Catherine Tyldesley over 'cake gate'.

Tyldesley has been in the headlines this week after she was involved in a bit of a scandal.

The Three Little Birds, in Keighley, Bradord, shared a Facebook post on 27 July, which included screenshots of a conversation with an unnamed celeb’s PR company.

The request was made ahead of Catherine Tyldesley's birthday party.
Facebook/Three Little Birds Bakery

They wanted the bakery to make not only 100 cupcakes but one 40th birthday cake with a theme of ‘camp as t*ts’ plus a ‘smaller cake’ to surprise the star’s husband with.

Sarcastically captioning the post, the bakery wrote: “This poor celebrity can’t afford to pay people for their products and services. Spare a thought!

“What happened to women supporting women…”

In return for making this big batch of baked goodies, the PR company said the ‘opportunity’ would get the bakery ‘payment in the form of promotion on their socials’ as well as in OK Magazine.

The Daily Mail revealed that the party planners were organising the bday bash for ex-Coronation Street star Catherine, who played Eva Price on the soap.

Catherine Tyldesley has been criticised for the request, though she says she was unaware of it.

Following the report, Catherine took to Instagram to speak out on the ‘cake gate’ allegations.

In the clip posted to her Story, the actor said: “So I had no idea those emails were being sent. I’m not working with the lovely OK magazine on anything that I’m aware of and NVRLND are an amazing company - they’ve supplied me with performers in the past."

She went on to call the situation ‘utterly bizarre’ and added: “I hope the cake lady got the exposure she was craving.”

Since then many have weighed in on the debate, including Catherine's former co-star Thorp.

Speaking on Talk TV, the actor said: "I feel sorry first and foremost for the cake woman. She's brilliant.

“What she said is so clever. She was like, 'I can't pay my staff with heart emojis on Instagram'. She's absolutely right. She runs a business.

Former Corrie star Nicola Thorp has now weighed in on the debate.

“Why on earth should it be expected? Because this PR company are making money somehow. So they are getting money, they are just choosing not to pass it on to her.

“But it's also not Cath's fault, Catherine, because she wasn't aware of it and I believe that because this is just the way these PR companies work."

She continued: "I agree, that video was not well-advised at all. She shouldn't have been shooting down another woman. I believe strongly in this.

“It's a woman's business… It happens all the time and I don't think that's a good thing and I'm sick of it.

it's your duty as the person who is having the party done for you, to know that everybody who turns up is being paid.

“That's a moral duty and also from a PR perspective, you would want to make sure that this kind of thing wasn't happening.

“I don't mind it if you are approaching a big hotel chain and you're saying, 'Have you got a free night for my client?', but it's an individual's business.”

Featured Image Credit: TalkTV/Instagram/@auntiecath17

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