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Whilst owning a small business is never a cakewalk, there has been a shocking update from a small bakery after their bun fight actor Catherine Tyldesley.

It’s after the Three Little Birds Bakery shared a now-viral post on social media, which claimed that a PR company asked for 100 free cakes for the Corrie star’s birthday

However, there’s more trouble arising as the bakery has fans it’s now being threatened with legal action.

The small business shared a shocking update on Facebook.
Facebook/Three Little Birds Bakery

In a follow-up post on Facebook, the Three Little Birds Bakery alleged that they are ‘threatened’ with a defamation lawsuit following the celebrity controversy.

Owner Rebecca Severs wrote on the business’s page: “I've now been threatened with legal action by NVRLND as a response to this post which they say is encouraging defamation of their business.”

“So in order to make sure our posts are being completely transparent and we aren't spreading false information, let me just be completely clear,” she continued, adding: “NVRLND aren't getting paid properly either, they are also working entirely on a ‘promotional and expenses only basis’.”

The latest post was shared on August 1 and comes just days after the initial claims by the bakery on the social media platform.

The Corrie actor has since hit back at the claims. Credit:Instagram/@auntiecath17
The Corrie actor has since hit back at the claims. Credit:Instagram/@auntiecath17

Previously, the small business shared images of an email allegedly from PR company NVRLND on behalf of a ‘well-known celebrity’.

The screenshots show a request for 100 cupcakes, as well as an extra 40th birthday cake with the theme of ‘camp as t**s’ as well as a smaller cake for the celeb’s husband.

In return, the business would be paid in ‘the form of promotion on their socials’, an appearance in OK! magazine and a chance to work with the brand again.

Understandably, the baker felt a little burnt by the request and was pretty sarcastic in the caption.

Severs wrote: “This poor celebrity can’t afford to pay people for their products and services. Spare a thought! What happened to women supporting women…”

In the days following the viral post, the Daily Mail then claimed that it was Corrie actor Catherine Tyldesley, who was having the birthday bash.

The actor then responded with a video on Instagram, hitting out at the claims.

"Cake gate, what! So I have no idea those emails were being sent. I'm not working with the lovely OK! Magazine on anything that I'm aware of and NVRLAND are an amazing company," she told her followers.

The actor then pointedly added: "Utterly bizarre. Don't really know what to say. I mean I hope the cake lady got the exposure she was craving."

It seems that this incident has been a recipe for disaster for all involved.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/ Catherine Tyldesley/Rebecca Severs

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