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Brody Jenner admits he used fiancée's breast milk in his coffee

Brody Jenner admits he used fiancée's breast milk in his coffee

He shared the verdict in a recent YouTube video

Brody Jenner has admitted he used his fiancée's breast milk in his coffee, having recently run out of his usual option when he went to brew up.

Brody, 40, is the son of Caitlyn Jenner and her ex-wife Linda Thompson, having the famous Kylie and Kendall Jenner as half-sisters.

He’s now become a dad after welcoming daughter Honey Raye Jenner earlier this year, his first child with wife-to-be Tia Blanco.

“We welcomed our baby girl, Honey Raye Jenner, to the world on July 29th,” Brody said as he announced the birth.

“Momma and baby are in perfect health. We are so incredibly in love and have been cherishing this precious time together as a family. We want to thank everyone for all the love and support.”

They welcomed little Honey earlier this year.
YouTube/Brody & Tia

Since then, the new parents have been opening up about their new life via their joint YouTube channel Brody & Tia, having posted their first video two months ago.

In a more recent upload, which details their first month with newborn Honey, Brody admitted he came up with an unusual alternative for his coffee after running out of his preferred milk.

He tells the camera: "I just came out to make us both some coffee, and we are out of almond milk. But I did find one thing."

YouTube/Brody & Tia

He holds up a plastic bag filled with breast milk, smiling to the camera.

"Now I hear great things about breast milk," Brody says. "I hear it's very nutritious. I hear it's very delicious. I think it'll do."

The star then pops into the bedroom to find Tia, who is lying in bed next to their daughter.

YouTube/Brody & Tia

He asks: "Sorry to disturb you but we're out of almond milk. Do you mind if we use the breast milk that I put in the fridge last night?"

Tia replies: "No, it'll probably be really good for you.”

Brody then asks if she wants some as well, but she just laughs.

Brody then fires up the coffee machine and makes two ‘breast milk lattes’, accidentally waking up Tia as he brings hers in for her.

Looks like it frothed up nicely.
YouTube/Brody & Tia

She doesn’t seem to mind too much, however, even pointing out she has ‘so much breast milk’ in the freezer as well.

"It's freaking delicious,” Brody says, smacking his lips.

Tia turns to him, saying: “It just tastes like coffee!”

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/Brody & Tia / Instagram/@brodyjenner

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