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Bobby Brazier speaks out on 'intense' relationship with Dianne Buswell as he addresses Strictly curse

Bobby Brazier speaks out on 'intense' relationship with Dianne Buswell as he addresses Strictly curse

The pair are set to perform a 'passionate' Argentine Tango on Saturday's show

Bobby Brazier has spoken out about his 'intense and unique' relationship with Dianne Buswell as they address the relentless 'Strictly curse'.

Viewers have speculated about the true nature of the relationship between the 20-year-old EastEnders star and his professional dance partner Dianne Buswell, 34, for weeks. Many have assumed that they will become the next victims of the so-called curse.

As the pair get ready to perform their 'passionate' Argentine tango, which fans will get the see in its full glory on Saturday night, they sat down with Tyla during their rehearsals where they addressed the relationship rumours.

“I mean, I don't care. But I think it will be a great success if they do," Bobby says, referring to the speculation, which will probably increase following their new dance.

But they're not too fussed about the rumours. In fact, it could actually be a sign of how good they actually are at performing together.

“Yeah, I mean, that is the aim of this," Dianne adds. "The Argentine tango is a very passionate dance and that's what you have to portray. So yeah, you're right. If that is the case, then we've done our job right. But I don't know, we haven't really thought that of the repercussions in front of millions of people."

Bobby Brazier addressed the Strictly curse and relationship rumours.

Bobby, who is the son of the late reality TV star Jade Goody and TV presenter Jeff Brazier, is also quick to point out that no one gossiped about the nature of Angela Rippon and Kai Widdrington's relationship when they performed an Argentine tango in week five.

Although fans are convinced Bobby and Dianne will get together, the Aussie ballroom dancer, who has been in a relationship with former Strictly contestant Joe Sugg for five years, says that neither she nor Bobby pay much attention to the relationship rumours or the 'curse'.

“We really never, like get into it,” she says, setting the record straight. “I don't really read much. If I'm honest, I don't read anything. Because I've done that in the past and it's not good. So I tend to not read stuff like that and just get on with what I'm doing my job and that's what I'm here to do.”

Bobby adds: “Yeah, exactly. The stuff in our mind and in the the dancer’s and contestant’s mind [is] very different to the stuff that the people are watching.”

But with that said, the model and NTA winner, says that his relationship with Dianne is unlike any other... Let’s just say they’ve spent a lot of time together.

Bobby and Dianne set the record straight about their relationship.

“I will say though, I've never had a relationship like this before," he gushes. "Like, as far as any kind of relationship with someone goes, this is the most intense, unique relationship I've ever, ever had. Seven weeks with someone every day; Dancing, moaning, laughing. Fuming, joyous - just like in the space of half an hour, by the way! It’s crazy but it's lovely."

The innocent BBC ballroom competition show has often found itself in the centre of tabloid controversy over the years based on the idea that those participating on the show are at risk of ruining their relationships because of it.

Strictly Come Dancing also has a passionate fan base of millions and they sometimes jump to conclusions thinking that something more is brewing behind the scenes after watching their favourite duo on the dance floor.

Still, there have been a few examples that people use as ‘proof’ for the existence of the curse, with the most scandalous situation occurring in 2018, when Strictly pro Katya Jones was spotted kissing comedian Seann Walsh. And it’s not unusual for Strictly’s celebrity contestants to date their professional partners after meeting on the show either, just like Dianne and Joe and Gorka Marquez and Gemma Atkinson.

Strictly Come Dancing continues on Saturday at 7:05pm on BBC One.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@bobbybrazier/BBC

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