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Fans stunned by how much Freddie Brazier looks like dad Jeff

Fans stunned by how much Freddie Brazier looks like dad Jeff

People are saying the pair look like 'twins'

One celebrity father-son duo has really taken the whole 'the apple doesn't fall far from the tree' to a whole new level.

Fans have been left stunned by how much of an uncanny resemblance 19-year-old Freddie Brazier shares with his dad Jeff in a recent Instagram post.

Jeff, 44, shares Freddie and Bobby, 20, with his ex Jade Goody, who passed away back in March 2009 after being diagnosed with cervical cancer, which later spread to other areas of her body, including her liver, bowel and groin.

Jade, who passed away aged just 27, rose to fame when she appeared on the third series of Big Brother in 2002, before going on to star on season five of the celebrity spin-off in 2007.

While Jade and Jeff's eldest son, Bobby, has somewhat followed in his late mother's footsteps after signing up for Strictly Come Dancing and appearing in Eastenders - it seems Freddie has kept his distance from the limelight.

However, just last Saturday (7 October), Jeff took to Instagram to share a rare snap of him and Freddie at the football.

People are calling father-son duo Jeff and Freddie Brazier 'twins'.

The pair rocked up to support Tottenham Hotspurs at White Hart Lane and, by the looks of their grins in the selfie, were beyond chuffed after their team beat Sheffield United 2-1.

And dozens of fans rushed in to share their reactions to the selfies, with many totally gobsmacked at just how much a chip off the old block Freddie was.

One Instagram user penned: "Double of his dad what a handsome young man!"

"He's your double," echoed a second.

The pair looked delighted when their team ended up taking home the win.

A third chimed in: "He's the spit of Jeff."

Another called the pair 'two peas in a pod' while a fifth echoed: "Looks the image of dad."

"He looks just like you Jeff," wrote a sixth with a final Instagram user dubbing the father and son 'twins'.

About a week before the Spurs selfie, Jeff took to Instagram to praise both his sons.

"Our Bob has quite rightly received a lot of love and kindness this week but there is nobody more proud of him than his brother Fred," he began.

The pair recently enjoyed a mud facial last month.

The TV presenter went on: "All 3 of us love the world of healing and conscious mindfulness so while the eldest is off into the world of Strictly, Freddy & I had a great day trying new things like getting covered head to toe at this Mud bath ceremony!

"Wasn’t easy to get off! But I can see why people love a mud pack on their face. It felt so good to stretch when it dries on your skin and I’m sure my skin was smoother afterwards."

May have to think about adding a mud bath to my skincare routine now...

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@bobbybrazier/@jeffbrazier

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