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Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds 'welcomed baby number four'

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds 'welcomed baby number four'

The Hollywood power couple have apparently announced the newest addition to their family

It must be pretty cool to have celebrity parents - and a couple of Hollywood's finest at that.

And this is definitely seems to be the case for Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds' newest addition to their family.

While it's not been confirmed when exactly the couple welcomed their fourth child, Lively appeared to indirectly reveal the news via Instagram.

Lively apparently shared the news to Instagram.
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Not only was yesterday (February 12) a time for Super Bowl festivities and the like - it was also the same day one of Hollywood's favourite couples apparently announced the birth of their four child together.

Lively, 35, and Reynolds, 46, first tied the knot back in 2012. Since then, the couple have welcomed a handful of bundles of joy into their lives.

The pair had their first child, James, 8, back in 2014 and have since brought a second, Inez, 6, and a third, Betty, 3, into the Lively-Reynolds family hub.

And The Shallows star first revealed her fourth pregnancy back in September 2022.

Taking to Instagram yesterday, Lively shared a photo of the family getting ready to watch the Super Bowl.

While Lively's hubby was present, alongside her mother-in-law, Tammy, it's clear that one thing in particular was nowhere to be seen.

The baby bump was nowhere to be seen.

You guessed it - her baby bump.

The Gossip Girl actor uploaded a series of five photos - the first of which showed her posing with her family wearing blue jeans and a tight black top.

Compared her last Instagram post, posted January 3, showing her very big baby bump, there was quite a noticeable transformation.

The star captioned the post: "Puppy Bowl Sunday 2023."

She also added that she had 'been busy'.

And many savvy fans were quick to pick up on Lively's lack of baby bump, and with over 1.2 million likes - it's clear that people couldn't wait to share their support.

Lively said she had 'been busy'.
Doreen Kennedy / Alamy Stock Photo

"Did I miss something," one Instagram user asked, "where is the baby bump?"

A second complimented the mum's figure: "She discreetly gives birth and then looks like this right afterwards in a tight shirt. She’s good at this."

"I mean, jealous you fit into jeans," echoed another, "my last baby is 96 months and I’m still wearing leggings."

Another asked Lively for her secret to her post-birth body: "How do you go back to looking like that after giving birth?"

Congratulating the couple's choice to keep things fairly private, a final Instagram user commented: "Epic post! I knew the baby had arrived. Great job keeping your life private (as you can). Bravo."

Tyla has contacted reps for Ryan Reynolds for comment.

Featured Image Credit: lev radin / Alamy / blakelively / Instagram

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