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Amanda Holden hits back after trolls slammed her for wearing revealing clothing

Amanda Holden hits back after trolls slammed her for wearing revealing clothing

The Britain's Got Talent judge said it was 'crazy that when you think of the hoo-ha'

Amanda Holden has hit back at trolls who keep criticising her for the outfits she wears on TV, including during her stints as a judge on Britain's Got Talent.

She recently ended up being the target of one Andrew Tate after posting a picture of herself in a bikini and Holden decided not to respond, though her fans did plenty of that on her behalf.

The 52-year-old did later reveal that she had a comeback ready to go but reckoned it wasn't worth replying to someone like Tate.

Now she's spoken more about the criticism she gets from trolls for her choice of clothing ahead of the release of her new documentary, Sex: A Bonkers History.

The show, made in conjunction with historian Dan Jones for Sky History, will look at some of the more prominent examples of people getting it on over the years and why she thinks values towards sex and the human body might have changed over the ages.

Speaking to The Sun, the Britain's Got Talent Judge said the amount of criticism she got from trolls over what she wore was 'crazy' and slated those who made a 'hoo-ha around some of my outfits'.

Amanda Holden is soon to present a history documentary about sex through the ages.
Sky History

She said: "There had always been an amazing appreciation for the female form previously.

“The Victorians, I think, were to blame - in their eyes everything became more sexualised than it was meant to be.

“It’s crazy that when you think of the hoo-ha around some of my outfits now, we’re still there. It’s absolutely ridiculous that it’s still going on in an era when we really think that we are ahead of the game."

She continued: "But as I always say when we talk about Britain’s Got Talent, I’m 52 - if they want to still talk about my t**s then bring it on!"

She also criticised what she saw as 'woke' culture and claimed it was making the world of sex and sexuality harder to discuss for new generations.

Amanda Holden has hit back at the trolls who slam her outfits.

Holden said: "I just want everybody to still have an opinion and just because you don’t share the same opinion as somebody doesn’t mean that opinion is wrong.

“But I feel like that moment is now just shutting down. It’s only one opinion and every sentence you say, you have to think about it if it’s done in public."

"That’s just terrifying, mostly for people in the public eye. I used to joke that you’re only one sentence away from ending your career but I think that stands now more than ever."

"You’re going to be scared to upset somebody. It’s important to be sensitive and everything else but also we’re all still learning. I’d rather be educated than shut down."

Sex: A Bonkers History premieres on Sky History on 18 September.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@noholdenback

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