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Amanda Holden explains why she didn't respond when Andrew Tate left her disgusting message

Amanda Holden explains why she didn't respond when Andrew Tate left her disgusting message

He replied with a cruel message about her bikini photo recently

Amanda Holden has explained why she didn’t respond when Andrew Tate left her a disgusting message - having even thought up the best comeback possible.

Back in July, Holden, 52, posted a sunny bikini snap on Twitter, writing: “Good morning.”

Tate – who is set to stand trial in Romania on rape and human trafficking charges - responded: “You are a wife and a mother and you’re far past a teenager. There is no need for this post.”

Holden had posted a bikini snap on Twitter.

At the time, Holden didn’t reply publicly – not that she needed to, as fans soon came to her defence.

One commented: “So [you’re] saying only teenagers can post pictures like this then? Bit weird that. Let the woman do her.”

Someone else said it was a ‘weird take’, while a third wrote: “Tate trying to tell women to cover up LOL.”

In a new interview with the Telegraph, Holden found herself having the last laugh on the matter, with interviewer Celia Waldren saying the star was ‘mid-cackle’ as they discussed Tate’s comment.


Holden explained why she decided not to respond – while also sharing the incredible comeback she did have ready if she’d gone through with it.

"Honestly, I had another shot of me in a bikini with just a close-up of my bum and I was tempted to post it with the caption: ‘Kiss my 52-year-old a**e,’” she said with ‘another cackle’.

"But you just know something like that’s going to go on and on – and in the end, why give him the oxygen?”

While Holden chose to take the higher ground, she did go on to post some steamy underwear snaps (not that Tate would have seen them, as he's banned), showing she wasn't one bit fussed.

Amanda looked stunning in the underwear photo.

In the beautiful shots, gave total goddess vibes as she rocked a white satin bra, matching knickers and belt, along with a long, white satin robe with lace panels, and even a pair of angel wings – just like a Victoria’s Secret model.

The snaps were to promote her upcoming Sky History TV show, Sex: A Bonkers History.

Celebrity pal Denise Welch slammed Tate in a sarky comment as she wrote: “Outrageous!! You’re a wife and mother and over 45. Shocking I say,” with a few winky-face emojis.

Another person wrote: “Go girl… wife … Mother and over 50… stick that somewhere Mr Tate.”

A third said: “Andrew Tate must be having palpitations over this post.”

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/@amandaholden/@Cobratate

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