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Man's Twin Brother Loses Memory In Heartbreaking 24 Hours In A&E Episode

Man's Twin Brother Loses Memory In Heartbreaking 24 Hours In A&E Episode

There is no denying that 24 Hours In A&E always tugs on your heart strings, but this episode has to be one of the most heartbreaking ever to air in the show's history. Warning, the following footage and pictures contain graphic images...

Aaron was rushed into hospital after crashing his car into a metal spike at high speed, causing it to roll and he sustained multiple injuries in the shocking accident.

His twin brother, Alvin, was at home at the time of the car crash when he received a phone call from a police officer telling him that Aaron had been badly injured in an accident - everyone's worst nightmare...


Alvin rushed to St George's Hospital in London to be by his twin's side, telling the cameras that as he made his way there, he was thinking 'about the worst' the entire time.

Doctors, paramedics and nurses worked hard to help 31-year-old Aaron, who had suffered deep lacerations to his head, arms and hands in the crash. He was also really confused, and struggling to remember what had happened in the accident.

Worry spread across the medical team's faces when the patient couldn't work out what day of the week or month of the year it was.


Aaron was rushed into resus by the hospital staff, who quickly suspected that Aaron had a serious brain injury.

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Alvin arrives at the hospital with his wife Aneta, telling the cameras about his childhood growing up.

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"We had our own language, so we didn't actually really speak properly until quite late in life," recalled Alvin.

"That's really common amongst twins, once you've already got your friend there, you don't want to hang out with anyone else."


Credit: Channel 4
Credit: Channel 4

Discussing why he doesn't think his brother had found love yet, Alvin explained: "I think he's unlucky in love, he hasn't met someone who truly appreciates him."

The initial scan results showed that Aaron had suffered a small laceration to his spleen and doctors decided to admit him the ward for further observation.


This episode of 24 Hours In A&E first aired on Channel 4 on 24th January 2017.

Featured Image Credit: Channel 4/24 Hours In A&E

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