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New reality series with unique twist dubbed 'better than Big Brother'

New reality series with unique twist dubbed 'better than Big Brother'

One viewer said 'this is already my favourite show of the year'

When it comes to reality TV, you name it, I’ve seen it.

Whether it’s Married at First Sight, Real Housewives, Big Brother or The Traitors, I’ve watched it all.

There’s something about the format that sucks me in every time and I won’t rest until I’ve binged the lot.

With that said, I agree with the general consensus of late that it’s lost its golden touch, and I much prefer watching ‘every day people’ over glamorous influencers.

So, when I hear news of a new attempt to shake things up and bring something new to the table, naturally I’m all ears.

The Underdog: Josh Must Win is the latest addition to the pile, and people are absolutely loving it.

The premise is great. There is a house, filled with ‘typical reality TV types’, competing on what they think is a show called The Favourite.

They’re told that in order to win and bank a cash prize of £10,000 they have to be voted the ‘most popular housemate’.

But, here’s the thing: Josh is also taking part. He is what you’d usually call a more ‘every day’ contestant - mild mannered, doesn’t have hundreds of thousands of followers, and seemingly has a heart of gold.

Josh is unaware of what's happening behind the scenes.
Matt Monfredi/Channel 4

All of the housemates of The Favourite - which is actually a sham show, hosted by Nick Grimshaw - are unaware that the real game they’re playing involves a host of reality TV veterans, Love Island's Amber Gill, Geordie Shore's Vicky Pattinson and The Only Way is Essex's Pete Wicks, who have been tasked with manipulating the events, so that Josh will win.

If they pull it off, and Josh is voted as the most popular housemate, all of the contestants of The Favourite, well, Josh Must Win, will share an incredible £100,000.

Josh is also unaware of what’s happening behind the scenes, which has delighted viewers.

Viewers have piled on the praise.
Matt Monfredi/Channel 4

A glowing review in the Guardian has dubbed it as ‘like old-school Big Brother, but better.’

The ultimate praise.

With episodes on E4, and streaming on Channel 4 online, many viewers have taken to social media to pile on the praise.

One person wrote: “#JoshMustWin is already my favourite show of the year.”

Another person said: “Josh Must Win feels like the antithesis to reality TV shows, vapid sexy types but the show itself rooting for one genuine, lovable person. It's compelling already.”

A third chimed: “Absolutely love love love the concept of this show. Nice people can win - not all about the looks!”

It has all of the necessary ingredients for an absolutely delicious reality TV dish.

I can’t wait to tuck in!

Featured Image Credit: Channel 4

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