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‘The Circle’ Is Returning To Channel 4 For A Third Series And A Celebrity Special

‘The Circle’ Is Returning To Channel 4 For A Third Series And A Celebrity Special

Sitting in isolation spending all day socialising online? Never has a show been more relevant.

Joanna Freedman

Joanna Freedman

The Circle has been renewed by Channel 4 for a third season, and a charity special.

The social media-inspired TV show has one motto: 'Anyone can be anyone'.

But never has it been truer than in their new celebrity special, which is set to run for a week in 2021.

Filmed for Stand Up To Cancer, the lineup for the special will solely be made up of celebrities attempting to win alliances, form cliques and ultimately be crowned the most popular contestant.

But not all of them will be honest about who they are - meaning we can expect some starstruck celebs at the end of the series. Eeeeek!

The Circle has welcomed famous faces before (
Channel 4)

The Circle has welcomed famous faces before. Last season, daytime TV legend Richard Madeley entered the experiment, posing as a young woman called Judy.

Meanwhile, Zoe Ball's son Woody also joined the game, hoping to keep his A-list connections a secret.

The celebs will be encouraging fans to donate to Cancer Research UK throughout as part of the annual fundraising campaign.

After whetting our appetites, the special will be followed by a third civilian series of the show.

The show is all about sitting in isolation and messaging online (
Channel 4)

The production company, Studio Lambert, is currently hunting for new players to take part - so, if you fancy yourself a Queen Bee or a master of deception, then now is your chance to apply.

The only requirement is that you're over 18 and have a right to reside in the UK. For further info, click here.

Production is set to begin later this year, to air at the beginning of next year.

The Circle has produced some iconic contestants previously (
Channel 4)

Once again filmed in plush, modern apartments in Salford, Greater Manchester, both series' will be filmed in line with Covid-19 guidelines - meaning episodes will be pre-recorded, and there will be no studio audience or live shows.

They will see host Emma Willis return, alongside comedian Sophie Willan on voiceover duty.

"The Circle is just brilliant, unmissable television," Emma said. "I loved every minute of being a part of it and I'm delighted to be returning to it for another series where I'll be right at the centre of all the mischief and drama!

Emma Willis will host without a live audience (
Channel 4)

"To add to that, we're also doing a celeb version - I can't wait to see who'll be in the line-up and whether they'll play as themselves or as another celebrity, it's going to be incredible."

Gilly Greenslade, who commissioned all three series for Channel 4, said: "When we were developing the series three years ago, I knew it would reflect how we live but I never expected it to be quite so prophetic.

"Now many more of us have had a taste of living our lives isolated and online, I am excited to see the strategies and tactics that the new players bring to the game.

"Since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, people around the world have been learning the power of connecting remotely.

"Perhaps in the light of this, the new series will resonate even more for audiences as well as offer them the distraction of fun, warmth and strategy."

We're sure she's right. Sitting in isolation spending all day socialising online? Never has a show been more relevant.

Featured Image Credit: Channel 4

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