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Hollyoaks to be moved from Channel 4 after airing there for 28 years

Hollyoaks to be moved from Channel 4 after airing there for 28 years

Channel 4 confirmed the news today (8 September)

Hollyoaks is set to be moved from Channel 4 after airing on the channel for 28 years.

Channel 4 has announced some major changes to its programming schedule, with the most prominent news being the cutting of Hollyoaks from the main channel.

The change comes as part of a new 'ambitious pioneering digital approach' for the broadcaster to freshen up viewing experiences.

Hollyoaks will be no longer be aired on Channel 4.
Channel 4

But not to fear as any fans of the soap - which first started way back in 1995 - will be relieved to find out the show itself is being moved to sister channel E4 in hopes of shaking up the TV schedule.

Now, considering the show's demographic is comprised of mostly young people, who seem to be more likely to watch E4 and binge online, the new direction of the show will be in-line with that strategy.

In 2023, 64 percent of viewers have watched the soap via streaming or E4, resulting in 556 million minutes of the show being streamed in the first half of the year.

Because of this, Hollyoaks will continue to air as normal on E4 and episodes will now debut 24 hours earlier online.

So - if you're wanting the first look at the latest then that's your best bet.

This means fans can watch the first look online at 7:30pm followed by an E4 airing of 7pm.

The weekend omnibus will still air on Channel 4, as well as episodes being uploaded to YouTube the following week for the first time.

The scheduling change comes as part of an 'ambitious pioneering digital approach'.
Channel 4

Channel 4’s Chief Content Officer, Ian Katz said: "Hollyoaks has always been the youngest and most innovative soap so it’s fitting that it should be the first to embrace the changes in the behaviour of younger viewers and switch to a genuinely digital-led release pattern.

"It was the first UK soap to move to a stream-first model last year and this is the next phase of that evolution. We hope making Hollyoaks available on YouTube, as well as our own platforms, will introduce a whole new generation to the show."

The press release continued: "The move underscores Channel 4‘s ambitious pioneering digital approach to lead the way in meeting and driving young people’s changing viewer behaviours and reflects the increasing appetite for drama on demand."

So when will the big change happen?

The schedule rejig is set to roll out on the big stunt week later this month (25 September) so be sure to mark your calendars!

The week will kick off with a 'show-stopping one hour special' where viewers will see the love triangle between Felix, his girlfriend Mercedes, and best friend Warren.

It will all reach an 'explosive turning point' and elsewhere there’s murder twists and turns, as a disturbing secret is uncovered about influencer Rayne, that could ultimately lead to her downfall...

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