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Ross Geller Is Doing CBeebies Bedtime Stories This Week

Ross Geller Is Doing CBeebies Bedtime Stories This Week


Lucy Devine

Lucy Devine

After growing up watching Friends on repeat, we can only hope the future generation go on to enjoy (and very importantly, appreciate) it as much as we do.

Now, BBC is set to introduce kids to one of the show's iconic characters, with none other than Ross Geller appearing on CBeebies Bedtime Stories this week.

Okay, it's not actually Ross - it's the actor who plays Ross, David Schwimmer. But, let's face it - we can't hear his voice without thinking of the palaeontologist.

If we're being totally honest, despite CBeebies being a kids' channel, it's highly likely we'll be tuning in for the story. After all, who wouldn't want to hear Ross' soothing tones while falling asleep?

And the story itself sounds pretty decent, too. Appearing in a teaser clip, Ross - sorry, David - can be heard saying: "Hello, I'm David, I'm here to read you a bedtime story.

"It's all about a red person called Janet and a blue person called Bill. It's called The Smeds and The Smoos and it's by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler."

David will be appearing on CBeebies to read a bedtime story this week (
Warner Bros)

In the teaser clip, David goes on to read a snippet of the story, which is about two groups of aliens who are enemies.

The two groups never mix, but when one young Smed and one young Smoo fall in love, it causes tension between the two families.

And David gets *very* into the story indeed, reading: "Never, NEVER play with the Smoos, they sleep in holes, they wear strange shoes, they jump about like kangaroos. Never, NEVER play with the Smoos."

In fact, David is *so* passionate about the tale, it reminds us of Ross' dedication to Unagi.

David's appearance comes after mums went wild for Tom Hardy, when he appeared on Bedtime Stories in 2017.

Taking to social media, one mother penned on Facebook: "My eldest child is 27 today but I'm watching CBeebies tonight alone lol".

Another wrote: "Thanks for the heads up, I'll make sure I get home on time and put little man to bed early to watch it," alongside a winking face emoji.

Tom Hardy appeared on Bedtime Stories in 2017 (

David's story telling will be on CBeebies on Saturday 22nd February from 6.50-7pm.

Someone set an alarm because we *cannot* miss this.

Featured Image Credit: CBeebies

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