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New Pics Reveal Mario Kart Restaurant At New Super Nintendo World Theme Park

New Pics Reveal Mario Kart Restaurant At New Super Nintendo World Theme Park

The restaurant will feature dishes inspired by the much-loved go-karter and his friends.

Ciara Sheppard

Ciara Sheppard

Nineties kids, this one is for you. A Mario Kart-themed restaurant is launching at Universal Studios Japan this week, and it looks set to be a nostalgic culinary trip for old school gamers.

The themed restaurant is launching in the Osaka-based theme park's Hollywood area on Friday 16th October to whet park-goers tastebuds ahead of Super Nintendo World's official grand opening in spring next year.

Giving fans a taste of what what's to come during a press conference in January, Universal - who teamed up with Nintendo on the enormous five-year-long project - promised the restaurant to be every bit as stimulating as the game, delivering dishes inspired by the famous go-karter and his friends.

According to the theme park, the exterior of the eatery will feature the "iconic red and green colour scheme from the Mushroom Kingdom" complete with huge Mario and Luigi hat sculptures to welcome guests.

A mock up of the restaurant shows what it will look like (
Universal Studios Japan)

Once seated inside, diners will be able to admire the "checkered floors based on the Mario Kart racing flags, LED signs and a luminous sky ceiling" before perusing the menu.

So what does one order off a Mario Kart menu, you might wonder. Luckily, it isn't all mushrooms and banana peels.

While the full menu is being kept top secret, we have been teased that 'Super Mario pancake sandwiches' will be on offer as one foodie delight as well as cream sodas and a range of other drinks. Sounds good already!

The gift shop will be brimming with Mario goodies (
Universal Studios Japan)

Once bellies are full, guests will be able to fill up on merch at the official gift shop which will be stocked with merchandise with original Universal Studios Japan designs with all you favourite characters, from Mario to Luigi and Princess Peach.

The restaurant is opening ahead of the official Super Nintendo World's park opening in spring 2021. The attraction had been due to open in July 2020 but faced delays due to the pandemic.

Super Nintendo World was due to open this year, but faced pandemic-related delays (
Universal Studios Japan)

Earlier this year, it was revealed the park would also be using Mario-inspired wristbands called 'Power Up Bands'.

To truly immerse visitors into the gaming world, the bands will allow guests to collect 'coins' while competing with other park visitors.

Sounds so fun, we might even make the trip to Japan for it... 2021 can't come sooner!

Featured Image Credit: Nintendo