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Made In Chelsea: Zara McDermott Accused Of 'Fake Tears' As Sam Discovers Her Cheating

Made In Chelsea: Zara McDermott Accused Of 'Fake Tears' As Sam Discovers Her Cheating

The former Love Island star was distraught as she revealed she had been unfaithful - but some people weren't buying it.

Joanna Freedman

Joanna Freedman

Made In Chelsea aired Sam Thompson and Zara McDermott's dramatic breakup last night, which came after the reality star admitted to cheating on him a year ago while on Celebrity X Factor.

But some fans weren't buying Zara's emotional outpouring throughout the episode, even claiming her tears were "fake" and all for show.

The Love Island star, 23, first revealed her infidelity during a dinner with Jamie Laing and his girlfriend Habbs, sobbing hysterically as she confessed what had gone down.

"I did something really bad. Around a year ago and slept with someone," she wept.

"When you were doing that singing stuff? Man, that's not very sweet," Jamie replied.

Zara said: "When it happened I genuinely thought that me and Sam were going to break up, inevitably. I just thought we were hanging on by a tiny thread and we're going to break up.

"Then he turned around and said he wanted to make it work with me."

When asked if she was still with Sam, 28, Zara replied, through tears: "'Yeah, but I don't think for much longer."

This wasn't the only time we saw Zara weeping during the show, as later, when Sam told her he needed "space," after discovering she was still liking the guy she'd slept with's Instagram pictures, she couldn't contain her emotions.

Sam told Zara he couldn't forgive her (

Sam told her: "I'm the first person to hold my hands up and say I've done some f*cked up sh*t but I've never done anything like that."

Hinting that Zara's affair was more than one occasion, he said: "The seediness of consistently shagging and calling me when I'm at home, when the rest of your band are in bed with their other halves. That is not the person I know at all."

Through sobs, Zara replied: "It's not the person I know either.

"Theres no justification for anything. The way that I've behaved, the way I've acted or the things I've done. It's disgusting and I hate myself so much."

After watching both teary scenes, fans flocked to social media to have their say.

"Hope Zara Mcdermott never wants a career in acting with crocodile tears as abysmal as that, make an effort to make it believable PLS," one viewer of the show wrote.

While another penned: "Crying but not one tear shed from Zara's eyes ? Sam deserves so much better#MadeInChelsea".

It was a teary episode for Zara (

A third agreed: "Zara is crying and wailing but no tears are coming out lol. She's really manipulative! I'm SO proud of Sam for standing up for himself and dumping her. I hope he doesn't ever forgive her. #MadeInChelsea".

Not everyone was #TeamSam though, as others took to Twitter to urge people to lay off Zara for what she'd done.

"Yes Zara did something wrong! But hadn't everyone cheated on MIC? So why the judgement & the hate for her on social media is pretty bad! She hasn't murdered anyone people make mistakes be kind #madeinchelsea," one chipped in.

As another concurred: "@SamThompsonUK why you acting like you never cheated on both Habbs AND Tiff? Zara made a mistake and she's clearly remorseful #mic #MadeInChelsea".

Jheeez, what an emotional episode. Brb, we're off to stalk Zara's Insta' feed for clues on whether he's forgiven her yet...

Featured Image Credit: E4

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