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Made In Chelsea: Devastated Sam Thompson Finds Out Zara Is Still Liking Person She Cheated With's Pictures

Made In Chelsea: Devastated Sam Thompson Finds Out Zara Is Still Liking Person She Cheated With's Pictures

Made In Chelsea aired Sam Thomspon and Zara McDermott's dramatic split this evening - and there were some new revelations.

Joanna Freedman

Joanna Freedman

Made In Chelsea star Sam Thompson dramatically ended things with a tearful Zara McDermott in tonight's show, telling the former Love Island star he needed "space" and that he couldn't be around her.

Fans of the couple have been following 23-year-old Zara's social media apologies and pleas for Sam's forgiveness in the last few weeks, in the wake of the revelation that she had cheated on him while on Celebrity X Factor.

And now we've finally been given a glimpse into how it all played out when Sam, 28, first discovered the truth, including a new revelation about Zara's continued social media interactions with the individual she cheated with, which has left many fans shocked.

Zara admitted to cheating on Sam (

Speaking to his friend Reza Amiri-Garroussi towards the start of the episode, once he'd found out what Zara had done, Sam said: "Mate, I looked at this guys Instagram, she's still liking his photos.

"There's no remorse. There's no 'I feel terrible for what I've done'. It's like hearing that a different person did that, because what I've always held Zara in the highest esteem is that she's so innocent and lovely [sic].

"The fact she can even have two such polar opposite sides to her is petrifying".

Speaking to Zara later in the episode, a betrayed Sam clearly couldn't trust that she was being honest as the sobbed about her guilt.

"I know you won't believe a word I say, but I know we've built such a bond since this all happened," she said.

"This has been bubbling away in my mind for so long and theres just no right opportunity to say something like that...I just couldn't do it."

Sam replied: "I'm the first person to hold my hands up and say I've done some f*cked up sh*t but I've never done anything like that."

Hinting that Zara's affair was more than one occasion, he went on: "The seediness of consistently shagging and calling me when I'm at home, when the rest of your band are in bed with their other halves. That is not the person I know at all."

Through tears, Zara said: "It's not the person I know either".

"Theres no justification for anything," she responded. "The way that I've behaved, the way I've acted or the things I've done. It's disgusting and I hate myself so much."

"Look, this is the thing, Zara, I can't believe anything you're saying because its taken so long to even get here, and you can't have a relationship like that," Sam replied.

"I promised myself that I would never be the guy to look at someones phone, to ask where they've been when they get back at 10pm... and I can't trust myself.

"You're so good at lying and thats how it'll go and thats why I cannot be with you."

Sam told a tearful Zara he couldn't take her back (

"I wanna work through this with you," the emotional reality star, who previously dated Adam Collard, uttered in response.

But Sam made it clear her actions weren't speaking as loudly as her words.

"We can't. You didn't even feel the guilt. You're still liking his photos," he said. "There was no guilt there when I was next to you in bed. Theres [only] guilt now because you've been caught.

"I just see absolutely no way [we can move forward]," he added. "I can't even trust this. I can't do it."

Sam then went on to tell a pleading Zara that he needed "space," before walking away, leaving her sobbing on a park bench.

It comes after he'd considered taking his girlfriend back earlier in the episode, only for his best pal, Jamie Laing, to advise him strongly against it.

Earlier in the ep, Sam considered forgiving Zara (

"Mate, its so tough because she was the one... She was the one, and I don't feel I have the strength to bin it," he'd said.

"If that was me and I was in your situation she'd be done," Jamie said sternly.

"Listen, she's gonna cry its gonna be awful, she's gonna tell you how much she loves you, your hearts going to melt, and I almost wanna put myself in your brain... because you're gonna feel like you're stepping on a puppy," he went on.

"You'll find the right girl for you and it's not Zara McDermott... you are far better than that".

Jheeez, what an emotional episode. Brb, we're off to stalk Zara's Insta' feed for clues on whether he's forgiven her yet...

Featured Image Credit: E4

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