Louis Theroux Is Bringing Out His Own Podcast And It Sounds Amazing

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Louis Theroux Is Bringing Out His Own Podcast And It Sounds Amazing

It's a big day for Louis Theroux fans. The documentary-maker has been recording his very own podcast and it'll be available in a matter of days.

Recorded from his own house during lockdown, Louis' soothing voice is just what we need during this uncertain time.


Just like us, Louis has spent the last few weeks locked down at home. But he's not been wasting any time. In fact, the documentary guru has been tracking down a selection of famous faces he's been longing to chat to.


The podcast, Grounded With Louis Theroux, will see the 49-year-old interview a series of high-profile guests, with each episode lasting around an hour.

The first episode will feature a conversation with writer and fellow documentary maker, Jon Ronson.

The pair discuss professional rivalry and all things lockdown. In subsequent episodes, Louis also chats to Lenny Henry, Boy George and Miriam Margolyes.


"I've really loved doing these interviews," said Louis. "It's been a chance to speak to people I admire and have in depth conversations with them, about their lives, their careers, and their most intimate feelings.

"Making a podcast and radio series is very different to my usual way of working. And for that reason, I've found it very fun and refreshing."

An introduction to the series is available on BBC Sounds *today* and although it's only two minutes long, Louis doesn't fail to deliver.


"One two, one two," he jokes, pretending to test the mic. Classic Louis.

"This is a public service announcement for the BBC. My name is Louis Theroux and I'm doing a new podcast for Radio 4. It's called Grounded With Louis Theroux."

Louis goes on to admit he's been recording some of the episodes in his PJs - we're only gutted we don't have any photo evidence.

Louis has been recording the podcast from his home during lockdown (Credit: BBC)
Louis has been recording the podcast from his home during lockdown (Credit: BBC)

"I've assembled a series of interviews from my own home. For some episodes I may even be in my pyjamas," he continued.

"I'll be talking to people I find interesting, people whose work I admire, people who in normal circumstances I might not have a chance to speak to.

"[...] The idea is that we can dig a little deeper, peel back the layers and find out who they really are, a free flowing exchange of ideas, reflecting on what's going on now but also looking back on the past.

"[...] Let's face it, you've got nothing better to do."


Oh Louis, we'd be listening even if we DID have something better to do.

The first full episode will be available to listen to on on BBC Sounds on Monday 27 April and will be broadcast on Radio 4 on Wednesday 6 May at 8pm.

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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