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Fans Call Line Of Duty Ending 'Worse' Than Game Of Thrones Finale

Fans Call Line Of Duty Ending 'Worse' Than Game Of Thrones Finale

After nearly a decade of high-octane drama, the Line of Duty ending left some fans bitterly disappointed.

Kimberley Bond

Kimberley Bond


Line Of Duty finally concluded on Sunday night, with the mysterious fourth man 'H' finally unmasked.

Yep, after nearly 10 years of trying to figure out who the mysterious police officer was that was the main link between the OCG and the force, AC-12 were stunned to discover it was none other than Ian Buckells (Nigel Boyle) who was behind it all.

The absolutely useless Buckells, who seemingly lurched from one blunder to another, was directing the OCG using an instant messaging service, with the IP address being bounced to a Spanish address.

He was caught after some amazing detective work from Chloe Bishop (Shalom Brune-Franklin) after she saw the consistent "definately" misspelling in Buckells' paperwork.

After nearly a decade, Ian Buckells had been hiding in plain sight (

However, the news that it was Buckells hiding in plain sight all along left many Line of Duty fans hugely disappointed, with many taking to Twitter to vent their frustration.

Some fans were left so upset at discovering it was Ian Buckells that had manipulated people for so long that they even compared the ending to that of Game of Thrones, which also left viewers deflated after its conclusion.

One fan wrote: "Game of Thrones: worst ending to ever exist. Line of Duty: Hold my Buckells baby," alongside a picture of Buckells."

Fans compared the series disappointment to Game of Thrones (

Another said: "Life's most disappointing things include 2020, Game of Thrones and the Line of Duty finale."

A third added: "Line of Duty and Game of Thrones...wasting ten years of everyone's lives."

The big reveal didn't have a particularly positive impact (

While a fourth penned: "Did they get the Game of Thrones series eight writers in or something?"

Meanwhile, fans in general were so disappointed with the end that they dealt with their feelings in the only way they know how - by making memes about it.

The comparison wasn't favourable (

Some fans thought the ending was a joke, with one person tweeting a picture of Ant and Dec and captioning the photo: "Tell them it's Ian Buckells."

Another fan added: "Me after nine years and six seasons, and learning a lot of police that it?"

Others made memes out of the H reveal (

A third tweeted a picture of a pouting Patricia Carmichael, and wrote: "This is my face for the rest of the evening," before adding the hashtag #disappointing.

Line of Duty ended on somewhat of a cliffhanger, with Ted Hastings admitting to Carmichael that he played a part in the murder of John Corbett - as well as the reveal that Buckells had applied for immunity which meant he could get off scot free.

Line of Duty fans were fuming (

But as of yet, Line of Duty showrunner Jed Mercurio has not confirmed whether there will be another season, only cryptically tweeting: "Carry the fire" after the episode aired.

Surely this can't be the end of Line of Duty...can it?

Line of Duty is available to watch on BBC iPlayer.

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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