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Line Of Duty Fan Has 'Proof' That Marcus Thurwell Is H As He Is Linked To The Child Exploitation Ring

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Line Of Duty Fan Has 'Proof' That Marcus Thurwell Is H As He Is Linked To The Child Exploitation Ring

Line Of Duty will draw to a close on Sunday night - and we're wondering how on Earth Jed Mercurio will manage to tie up all those loose ends.

AC-12 are now against the clock to find out just who the 'fourth man' H is, as they are fighting a merger, Ted Hastings's (Adrian Dunbar) impending retirement and Steve Arnott's (Martin Compston) potential yellow notice.

But just as we think we've got the perp nailed, the anti-corruption group find themselves back at stage one.



But one thing we're dying to find out is just what the 'deal' is with Marcus Thurwell (James Nesbitt). After it transpired that the person Joanne has been corresponding with had been tracked to Spain - Marcus Thurwell's last known whereabouts - we were convinced that he must be H...until his body was 'found.'

Marcus Thurwell has clear links to the paedophile ring (Credit:  BBC)
Marcus Thurwell has clear links to the paedophile ring (Credit: BBC)

However, some Line of Duty fans have not been deterred by this, with many believing that Marcus could very well still be alive - and has faked his death to continue on with his criminal enterprises.


And one very savvy viewer, who has been rewatching the series, spotted this vital clue.

Sharing their findings on Reddit, a person with the username etoppo wrote: "Currently watching S3 E5 whilst doing uni work and whilst interviewing Fairbank about suppression of child sexual exploitation and Sands View, they mention the death of Oliver Stephens-Lloyd who was a social worker responsible for investigating allegations of abuse.

"He is the one who was found dead by the pier and it was supposedly suicide. An officer that was a DC at the time that AC-12 spoke to claims that Marcus Thurwell was the SIO on the case advised the DC that the death was suicide and anything that didn't fit should be kept to themselves. Interesting!"

Steph Corbett has also come under suspicion (Credit: BBC)
Steph Corbett has also come under suspicion (Credit: BBC)

This mention of Thurwell refusing to investigate a suspicious death links him firmly to the OCG. Fans will remember Tommy Hunter often groomed underaged girls to be pimped out, and his cronies Ronan Murphy and Linus Murphy used their positions of employment in the Sands View Boys Home to subject the underage boys to sexual abuse from well-paying patrons and VIP's.

Other fans believe there's a link between Steph and Thurwell, with one viewer writing: "I predict that Marcus Thurwell is living with Steph Corbett. The bodies in Spain were from the freezer."

"I think Thurwell is on Merseyside watching the Champions League ," joked another, making reference to Steph's widescreen TV.

"Are Thurwell and Steph Corbett together??" asked a third.


Fingers crossed we find out...

Line of Duty concludes Sunday at 9pm on BBC One

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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