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Hugh Grant Wants To Reunite With Nicole Kidman For Paddington 3

Hugh Grant Wants To Reunite With Nicole Kidman For Paddington 3

A Hugh Grant and Nicole Kidman reunion? Yes, please!

Joanna Freedman

Joanna Freedman

Hugh Grant and Nicole Kidman are best known as a duo for their roles together in gripping crime whodunnit, The Undoing, but they could very well be back on screen together for a future instalment of Paddington, if Hugh gets his way.

Yep, both Nicole and Hugh have previously played villains in the much loved children's film franchise, with Hugh appearing as Phoenix Buchanan in Paddington 2 while Nicole starred as Millicent in the original, Paddington.

And Hugh Grant has hinted he would love to bring both their characters together in the third film, which is currently preparing to go into production.

The actor, 60, told Digital Spy on Wednesday that he was super keen to work alongside Nicole again, after their stint on the Sky true crime.

When asked if both their characters could work together to bring down Paddington Bear, Hugh replied: "Yes, we should do that. And then a mummy gets murdered, and I'm the suspect. We should mix up the two things".

(Ok, this sounds like he's just having a laugh... but how *epic* would this be?!)

The first Paddington movie saw Nicole's Millicent land up getting community service after attempting to murder and stuff poor Paddington, meanwhile the second film saw Hugh's Phoenix jailed for trying to set up the bear, and accusing him of stealing an invaluable pop-up book.

Hugh Grant appears in Paddington 2 (
Studio Canal)

It might not just be Paddington that could bring Nicole and Hugh back together on screen, as fans were quick to speculate that Nicole might have been hinting at a second season of The Undoing when she penned a farewell to the cast on social media.

As the final episode aired, the Academy Award winning actress shared some cute snaps from behind the scenes with the caption: "I'm forever grateful for each and every member of our cast & crew of #TheUndoing.

"They poured their hearts and souls into our show and it showed throughout the entire season. Greatly looking forward to working with all of you again xx."

Nicole Kidman starred as villain Millicent (
Studio Canal)

While this could be a reference to actors crossing paths on different projects throughout their career, fans were quick to suggest Nicole was actually vying for a second season. Lets hope!

The Undoing is based on Jean Hanff's 2014 novel 'You Should Have Known' and was ordered by the American network HBO as a limited series.

The series follows talented therapist Grace Fraser who appears to have the perfect life.

Things are continuing in an uninterrupted idyll thanks to her wealthy child oncologist husband Jonathan and gifted son Henry - until a gruesome murder takes place, and Jonathan finds himself in the firing line.

Nicole Kidman starred alongside Hugh Grant in The Undoing (

The series points the finger at many suspects, and causes viewers to flit between doubting Jonathan and sympathising with him at every turn.

The killer was unmasked in the final episode and technically the story wrapped up, however (without giving any spoilers away) there is certainly scope for more given everything we learnt about the characters and their backstories throughout the season.

Whatever they're working on, we hope to see Nicole and Hugh back on screens together soon!

Featured Image Credit: Studio Canal

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