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MAFS Australia's Melissa Reveals She Was 'Dumped' As Jules And Cam's Bridesmaid

MAFS Australia's Melissa Reveals She Was 'Dumped' As Jules And Cam's Bridesmaid


Kimberley Bond

Kimberley Bond

As fully-certified Married At First Sight Australia addicts, we're more than aware of the show's plentiful dramas - but even we're stunned at just how much has happened since the cameras stopped rolling.

Fans of the show will know that Jules Robinson asked fellow MAFS co-stars Melissa Lucarelli and Heidi Latcham to be her bridesmaids when she decided to tie the knot for real with partner Cameron Merchant.

However, Melissa has since revealed she was unceremoniously dumped from bridesmaid duties last month by Jules, and has spilled the tea about just what happened between the pair.

You can watch a clip here.

When asked about the situation on The Kyle and Jackie O radio show, Melissa, 39, said: "We'd be talking about the bridesmaids plans, but because they were doing it so secretively, I had to email [Jules] and her management to check dates."

Melissa then received a phone call, with Jules, 37, reportedly telling her former friend she was no longer going to be a bridesmaid.

"I haven't really seen you this year, it wouldn't be right to have you standing next to me [at] my real wedding," Jules allegedly said.

Melissa was asked to be a bridesmaid (
Instagram - mellucarelli)

However, Melissa was left surprised at the news.

"I was so shocked... it didn't make sense," she said. "I have absolutely no idea what happened. I was asked to be a bridesmaid in such a public way [on MAFS].

'The reason she asked [Heidi Latcham and I to be bridesmaids] was because we had seen them fall in love, and we'd formed a bond in the experiment."

Melissa continued that the pair actually had spent time together over the year, seeing as they both live in Sydney and had seen each other at events.

Jules and Cameron got married on Australian show 'A Current Affair' (
Nine Network)

Saying she was upset and confused, Melissa added: "[Her] other bridesmaids live in the UK, and Heidi lives in Queensland. It doesn't make sense."

Things then took a nastier turn when radio host Jackie 'O' Henderson read out the texts between Melissa and Jules.

When Melissa asked about Jules decision, she is thought to have replied: "Just because I said it on a show, doesn't mean I have to do it. People said a lot of things on that show, but this is real life. I won't be answering any media questions about this. I just want it to blow over and it will be forgotten about."

Jules and Cameron have since married for real (
Channel Nine)

When pushed further by Melissa, Jules then said: "Actually, it's because you've been a s**t friend and said things about me."

Melissa had decided to speak out after MAFS fans had speculated on why she was no longer at Jules' wedding.

"For me to stay quiet and let people assume would make it seem like I'd slept with Cam or something!' she said.

"Of course I didn't, but people were writing that I must have done something really bad."

Melissa has been left wondering what happened (
Instagram - mellucarelli)

When quizzed about the rumours herself, Jules seemingly glossed over any alleged rows.

Speaking on Channel 9's Today programme, Jules explained: "When it got to the time, I just felt that it wasn't... it didn't feel right.

"We hadn't really seen each other and I just really wanted my close friends to be there, to be by my side, and my best friends. So that was my decision."

The plot thickens...

Married At First Sight Australia is available to watch on All 4.

Featured Image Credit: Channel Nine

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