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Dawson's Creek Lands On Netflix On Sunday

Dawson's Creek Lands On Netflix On Sunday

We're moving back to Capeside!

Gregory Robinson

Gregory Robinson

As we head further into the colder and darker part of autumn, now is the perfect time to snuggle up at home and binge-watch a classic TV show.

Luckily for us, Netflix has the answer - Dawson's Creek will be on the streaming service from Sunday and we couldn't be happier.

You can now spend your days immersed in the goings-on in the town of Capeside with Pacey, Joey, Jack, Jen, and Dawson of course, in what will feel like true 90s bliss.

Take us back to Capeside! (
Sony Pictures Television)

There are so many emotional, fun and juicy moments to experience from the fan-favourite series. From Pacey's affair with his English teacher, to the rocky relationship between Dawson's parents and the intense first kiss between lifelong pals Dawson and Joey. There is a lot of nostalgia to be had.

Created by Kevin Williamson, the same man who wrote the screenplay for the slasher film Scream, the series follows the everyday adventures and the coming-of-age experiences of a group of American teens in the fictional seaside town of Capeside in Massachusetts.

Dawson is an aspiring film maker and uses his friends in his amateur flicks.

James Van Der Beek stars as Dawson and the cast also includes Katie Holmes as Joey, Michelle Williams as Jen and Joshua Jackson as Pacey.

The series quickly gained a cult fanbase thanks to its amazing cast and super emotional and provocative storylines spanning 128 episodes across six seasons. You'll be needing a box of tissues by your side for this one!

The series debuted in January 1998 on The WB, the American television network that gave us so many other of our favourite teen dramas like Felicity, Buffy The Vampire Slayer and One Tree Hill. Dawson was clearly in good company.

There are 128 episodes to enjoy (
Sony Pictures Television)

Netflix UK and Ireland's official Twitter account shared that the hit teen series would be landing on the streamer, tweeting: "Spend the winter in Capeside. Dawson's Creek comes to Netflix UK/IE on 1 Nov."

To get fans, both old and new, fully settled into the vibe of the show, Netflix added a bunch of beachy, windswept shots of Pacey, Joey, Jack, and Jen from the show's opening sequence for good measure.

Dawson's Creek is available to watch on Netflix from 1st November.

Featured Image Credit: Sony Pictures Television

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