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'Dawson's Creek' Is Coming To Netflix

'Dawson's Creek' Is Coming To Netflix

We're SO ready to spend the winter in Capeside.

Mary-Jane Wiltsher

Mary-Jane Wiltsher

With temperatures dropping, it's the perfect time to snuggle up and binge-watch a classic show, so we couldn't be happier that Dawson's Creek is landing on Netflix next month.

Yep, from 1st November, you can spend the winter in Capeside and hang out with Pacey, Joey, Jack, Jen and the whole gang. It'll feel like the 90s all over again!

We're SO ready to re-experience the most emotional moments from the fan-favourite series, from Pacey and Joey's first kiss to when Jack came out to his father.

Created by Kevin Williamson, the series followed a close-knit group of American teens living in the fictional seaside town of Capeside in Massachusetts.

Starring James Van Der Beek, Katie Holmes, Michelle Williams and Joshua Jackson, the series quickly won a cult fanbase thanks to its snappy dialogue, killer cast and super emotional, ugly-cry inducing storylines.

The series debuted in January 1998 and ran for a whopping 128 episodes over six seasons.

Netflix UK and Ireland's official Twitter account shared that the hit teen series would be landing on the streamer, tweeting: "Spend the winter in Capeside. Dawson's Creek comes to Netflix UK/IE on 1 Nov."

They added a series of beachy, windswept shots of Pacey, Joey, Jack, and Jen for good measure.

Naturally, fans of the show promptly went wild.

Sony Pictures Television)

"Best news ever!!! Is it November yet???" wrote one.

"That's autumn sorted then," commented another.

While another gushed: "Whoa! I remember each week tuning into the CW and watching. My crush was Pacey."

There are so Dawson's Creek moments that left us emotional wrecks, from when Pacey broke down drunk to his father, to when Jack's dad finally accepted his gay son - so we'll be needing a box of tissues by our side for this one!

Dawson's Creek is available to watch on Netflix from 1st November.

Featured Image Credit: Sony Pictures Television

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