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Amazon Prime Video’s Live-Action Cinderella Movie Is A Modern Retelling Of The Classic Fairytale

Amazon Prime Video’s Live-Action Cinderella Movie Is A Modern Retelling Of The Classic Fairytale

The film is now available to stream on Amazon Prime Video.

Mel Ho

Mel Ho

Amazon Prime has released the modern retelling of the classic fairytale of Cinderalla.

While many around the world are familiar with the story of the woman who nabs her man thanks to her fairy godmother and a glass slipper, the streaming service wanted to bring this epic journey into the 21 century.

Our titular character, Cinderella, is being played by singer Camilla Cabello, which is her first major acting role.

Cinderella is more business focused in this 2021 version and she doesn't need a man to make her dreams come true.

It's hoped this updated message will inspire girls around the world to make a name for themselves rather than stick to the archaic notion that the man provides everything.

The movie also reflects the current awareness of gender by appointing the fabulous Billy Porter (Pose) as the princess-to-be's Fairy Godparent.

Billy is known for pushing the gender binary boundaries in the real world with his incredible gowns, dresses and outfits at red carpet events, so it was only fitting for him to whack on a stunning orange frock to play this genderless guardian angel.

Camilla and Billy will be joined on screen by Pierce Brosnan (King Rowan), Idina Menzel (Vivian, Cinderella's stepmother), and Minnie Driver (Queen Beatrice).

Idina and Camilla have recorded original songs for the production, which will no doubt be incredible.

Amazon Prime Video

The track 'One in a Million' is being dubbed an anthem for people all over the globe to believe in themselves because they are unique and incredible in their own right.

The film was all set to be released earlier this year, however due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the decision was made to push to back.

To celebrate the release of the film, we thought it would be incredible to get drag queens to transform themselves into characters from the movie and they did a brilliant job.

We recruited Art Simone, Hannah Conda and Felicity Frockaccino; who dressed up as Narissa, Ella and Fab G respectively.

The queens all talked about how fairytales offered them a form of escapism growing up and the grandness of these mega productions have helped inspire their performances and outfits.

Cinderella has now dropped on Amazon Prime Video so get stuck in.

Featured Image Credit: APV