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Piers Morgan's Comments On Love Island After Care Cause Controversy

Piers Morgan's Comments On Love Island After Care Cause Controversy

Fans were not best pleased

Laura Sanders

Laura Sanders

Piers Morgan doesn't hold back when he's got an opinion on something, no matter how controversial. And this time, he's hit out at ITV's updated care package for this year's Love Island contestants.

The duty of care protocols include therapy sessions before entering the villa and regular care during their time there, as well as advice and training on things like handling finances and dealing with trolls after the show.

But Piers had some more direct "advice" for the new hopefuls.

Piers Morgan calls Love Islanders 'dimwits'

Taking to Twitter, the former Good Morning Britain presenter said:

"My advice would be much simpler to any prospective Love Island contestants: if you can't stand the heat, don't go into the kitchen.

"Nobody's forcing these people to go on TV and cavort around in no clothes having sex with like-minded dimwits."

Piers Morgan lashes out at Love Island care package on Twitter (

Fans were not best pleased with the presenter's comments and think that ITV is right to provide extra support to the young contestants.

ITV has come under scrutiny for its lack of support for Islanders in earlier series, and the show has been linked to three suicides, including Caroline Flack's.

Love Island fans not happy with Pier Morgan's tweet

One Twitter user (fut_maverick) responded with: "2 previous participants have taken their own life.

"As other participants explained, whilst they knew there would be scrutiny and negative attention, they simply couldn't have imagined the levels of harassment and abuse directed at them.

"Why shouldn't the show have a duty of care?

Anna pictured alongside her fellow Love Island Contestants.
Love Island / ITV2

JonseyLewis echoed this and jibed at Piers, saying:

"Disagree here, people think they want wealth and fame but when it comes it's not what they thought.

"Hugely difficult to reverse public opinion as you know from your time in the states. There needs to be a duty of care, Caroline has taught us this!"

Twitter user ChokolateLatte wrote: "The problem is, nobody knows what the heat is like until they go into the kitchen themselves.

"Those that apply will never know what editing will be done on them or how the media will spin things. Naive maybe, but money/fame/experience will always entice."

ITV2/Love Island

Twitter user Keefb5 said: "a bit like flouncing off set because the weather man pushed back," referring to Piers storming off the GMB set just before he quit the show."

Twitter user and Love Island fan Nat0088. "They may not know if they can psychologically deal with that or not. So some help is great and I love the show."

Not everyone does have sex on the show for fear of the repercussions. Ex on the Beach star Jess Impiazzi recently warned the new Islanders about the consequences of having sex onscreen, which can lead to trolling and even threaten one's career, according to her.

We should also mention that several Twitter users agreed with Piers' comments, but many of those admitted they don't watch the show and aren't fans of it.

On a lighter note, this Twitter user (wormiewormie) asked if Piers was secretly going on the show:

"So to clarify, you're not going in then? Or is this to throw us all off and suddenly you're there polishing your sunnies, holding a personalised water bottle?"

Perhaps not Love Island, but Piers Morgan has been linked to I"m A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!.

Love Island comes to ITV2 on Monday 28th June at 9pm.

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