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Victoria Beckham Proudly Shares Photos Of Daughter Harper With 'Full Nails'

Victoria Beckham Proudly Shares Photos Of Daughter Harper With 'Full Nails'

Posh Spice shared pictures of her 11-year-old daughter Harper wearing what appears to be acrylic nails which has sparked a debate online.

Victoria Beckham has sparked a debate online after sharing pictures of her 11-year-old daughter Harper wearing what appears to be a full set of press-on false nails.

The former Spice Girl and current fashion mogul, 48, shared three mirror selfies taken by her daughter who was wearing her mum's chic Versace silk robe after the Beckhams flew to Croatia for a holiday.

The fourth and final picture is a selfie taken by Victoria showing her wearing the same robe.

However, one detail stole the attention of Victoria's 30 million followers - Harper's nails.

In all three selfies, the youngster's pink decorated nails can be seen clearly and commenters on Instagram have mixed feelings about it.

One concerned fan wrote: "She [is] so nice, she really don't need nails, she [is] 11."

Similarly, another Instagram user wrote: "Isn't she only 11.....acrylic nails!!! Maybe let her be a child for 5 minutes".

A third disappointed Instagram follower commented on Victoria's post: "11 years old and already full nails etc…"

Someone else asked: "Why she has these nails? She is only 11".

However other Instagram commenters came out in Victoria's defence, with one person theorising: "It could be those temporary press on nails tho. Which girl doesn’t like to play dress ups".

"You don’t think we know lol she’s gorgeous like her mama," said another social media user. "She’s the mini vision of Victoria mama spice".

This is not the first time the style choices by the Beckham's children has sparked a debate on social media.

David Beckham and Victoria's youngest son, Cruz, shocked the world in February with his fashion editorial for shoot for I_D Magazine.

The teen had recently turned 17 when the controversial pictures were published, which show him modelling shirtless in white boxers, with his jeans rolled down his legs.

The photoshoot was criticised by fans on social media for being 'inappropriate', given he is underage - meaning by law, he is not yet an adult - while others believed the photoshoot would not have been allowed if it was a young woman on the front cover.

Despite the controversy, mum-of-four Victoria publicly showed her approval by re-posting the images on her Instagram account, including the magazine cover which shows Cruz in boxers with his unbuttoned jeans around his calves.

Victoria captioned the image: the "Big first day as a 17-year-old! @cruzbeckham for @i_d, so proud."

Digital Expert Harvey Morton shared his thoughts on Cruz's photoshoot at the time.

"Cruz Beckham's latest cover shoot is surprising given his age, and it does feel uncomfortable to look at," Morton, who founded Harvey Morton Digital said.

"It also goes without saying that a photo like this would never have made it to a magazine cover if it was a female celebrity. As Cruz is under 18, it's in poor taste and inappropriate."

Featured Image Credit: @victoriabeckham/Instagram

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