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Travis Removes Kourtney's Garter With His Teeth On The Dancefloor

Travis Removes Kourtney's Garter With His Teeth On The Dancefloor

Looks like a normal day for Travis and Kourtney!

Travis Barker was filmed pulling a garter off the leg of his new bride Kourtney Kardashian using his teeth during the afterparty of their lavish Italian wedding this weekend.

The newlyweds have always been partial to some PDA, but this really takes the cake!

Watch here:

For her wedding after party look, Kourtney dressed up in a black version of her lingerie-inspired corset wedding dress, pairing it with some long black tulle gloves, a short black veil, and black pumps.

On the dance floor, wedding guests were cleared to make way for Travis and Kourt's garter toss, which saw the Blink-182 drummer bite the garter on Kourtney's thigh and drag it down her leg.

The old-school wedding tradition requires the groom to reach under the bride's wedding dress and remove the garter from her leg, before tossing it into a crowd of male wedding guests – similar to a bride's bouquet toss for the female wedding guests.

Travis pulled Kourtney's garter off with his teeth.

The rather intimate moment was filmed by Travis Barker's 16-year-old daughter Alabama – though we're sure the newlyweds didn't mind, given their history of heavy-duty snogging in front of TV cameras.

Fans of The Kardashians have had to cover their eyes for some of Kourtney and Travis's scenes from the new reality series.

While viewers are overjoyed for Kourtney and her happily ever after, they've confessed that some of the couple's more intense moments have left them cringing in their seats.

However, if there was ever a place for a loved-up couple to express some PDA in front of friends and family, it's at their own wedding party. So fans can surely give the newlyweds a pass on this one!

After officially tying the knot just last week in Los Angeles, Kourtney and Travis invited friends and family to celebrate in Portofino, Italy this weekend.

Much to fans' delight, all six children shared between Kourt and Travis (Mason, 12, Penelope, 9, Reign, 7, Landon, 18, Alabama, 16, and Atiana, 23) were present.

Travis proposed to Kourtney back in October 2021 in a stunning beach display that fans got to witness in a recent episode of The Kardashians.

We're delighted for Kourtney and Trav!

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@alabamaluellabarker

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