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People Think This Alleged Thief Looks Exactly Like Bradley Cooper

People Think This Alleged Thief Looks Exactly Like Bradley Cooper

Bradley? Is that you?

Police officers in the state of Georgia are asking locals to help them find a suspected shoplifter, and luckily this bloke is pretty recognisable - he's the image of Bradley Cooper.

While it's unlikely that the Oscar nominated actor is the alleged Home Depot thief that Henry County Police Department are looking for, he does look an awful lot like him.

Sharing a CCTV image of the suspect to their social pages, police noted that the 'unidentified white male' had stolen a 'Bosch Rotary Laser Kit' from his local store.

The suspected shoplifter looks exactly like Bradley Cooper.
Henry County Police Department

Officers called on the public to get in contact with Detective Sergeant J Holisky with any tips or information on the identity of the suspect.

Well, the Henry County Police Dept might regret that one, as we can only imagine that they got at least a few calls informing them about the American Sniper.

The police's Facebook post about the anonymous shoplifter has already racked up over 400 comments from members of the public, recommending that they look into Bradley Cooper if they want to crack this case.

Eager to get in on the fun, one person sarcastically commented: "Well, this is easy. Bradley Cooper. There ya go."

Another wrote: "Bradley Cooper. I’d know that guy anywhere."

Could Bradley Cooper himself be behind the stolen Laser Kit?
Moviestore Collection Ltd / Alamy Stock Photo

"Naw, that's Bradley Cooper from Wish" someone added.

Suggesting that maybe it really was the American Hustle actor who shoplifted the Laser Kit, some people jokingly suggested that the star had fallen on hard times.

One comment read: "You know it’s hard times when Bradley is having to steal!!!"

And another user just couldn't help themselves, writing: "Bradley Cooper stealing? He's really far from the shallow now..."

We should have seen that one coming.

People couldn't help themselves with the Bradley Cooper jokes.
PictureLux / The Hollywood Archive / Alamy Stock Photo

Although the post has gone somewhat viral, Bradley has unfortunately - albeit, rather suspiciously - not yet commented on his lookalike.

To be fair, the actor is currently preoccupied directing and starring in his upcoming movie Maestro, which will cover the life of Broadway composer Leonard Bernstein.

Famed filmmakers like Martin Scorsese and Steven Spielberg have signed on to help produce the Netflix film, so we can only imagine how much work is involved in this project.

There's already a lot of hype behind this film, which started filming over the summer, with Bradley's transformation into Bernstein being described as 'award-winning'.

Perhaps the role will even earn Bradley his first Academy Award - and if not, maybe he'll just steal it himself.

Featured Image Credit: Sydney Alford / Alamy Stock Photo/ Facebook: Henry County Police Department

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