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Stacey Solomon says she was shocked when she saw new daughter's head

Stacey Solomon says she was shocked when she saw new daughter's head

Stacey Solomon was left shocked when she saw the amount of hair her newborn daughter has.

Stacey Solomon has said that she was left shocked when she first saw her new daughter's head.

On Saturday (11 February), Stacey revealed that she had given birth to her baby girl and therefore welcoming her fifth child.

The X Factor star took to Instagram to announce her new arrival, posting a picture of her, husband Joe Swash, and the newborn.

Captioning the post, she wrote: "Our beautiful, daughter born at home with all of your brothers and sister ready to snuggle you forever and ever.

"You literally flew into our world… And none of us can quite believe your thick dark head of hair that we just can’t get over.

"We can’t believe your [sic] here. Welcome to the world beautiful girl, thank you for the last few months in my tummy, we can’t wait to love you forever and ever we are so grateful we get to be your family."

Since the announcement post, fans of the TV personality have commented on the amount of hair the little one has.

Now, Stacey has addressed the hair comments, saying that she was left a bit surprised with the amount the newborn had.

Stacey Solomon addressed the hair situation.

Speaking on her Instagram Stories while cradling her new daughter, she said: "I literally pulled her out and said 'Joe she's got hair!'"

The Loose Women star went on to say how 'lucky' she felt after the home birth, revealing that she is still on a high.

Stacey added: "I am just trying to soak it all in.

"This [her newborn daughter] was Rose [her fourth child] a year ago, and she's a constant reminder of how quick things go and how quick things change.

"So I am just trying to soak in every second."

In December, Stacey shocked fans by revealing her fifth child was due much sooner than expected.

Stacey Solomon welcomed her fifth child last week.

The TV personality took to Instagram on 28 December to share the exciting announcement that she was expecting her fifth child.

Stacey posted a video of a positive pregnancy test, with her breaking the news to her husband Joe.

During the heartwarming video, the star films her positive pregnancy test before calling for Joe to join her in the bathroom.

Joe jokingly asks if Stacey is 'going for a poo', but quickly realises what she is holding in her hand.

He instantly asks if she is joking, with a massive grin on his face.

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