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Stacey Solomon argues with husband Joe Swash over baby scan

Stacey Solomon argues with husband Joe Swash over baby scan

The parents turned to the public for help in their debate

Stacey Solomon and Joe Swash found themselves caught in a full-blown 'discussion' over a baby scan after their sonographer revealed a new picture of their little one.

The pair turned to Instagram to help settle their debate that started after a visit to the sonographer this week, when they were given a picture showing off their baby's nose and lips. Hear their argument below:

Solomon praised the sonographer for the 'amazing' picture, but explained that it had left herself and Swash arguing over whose mouth the baby had inherited.

"Joe thinks it's got his mouth and I think it's got my mouth. It's got my mouth!" the mum told followers.

Solomon displayed the image in a follow up video to allow viewers to decide for themselves, with the photo clearly showing the lower half of the baby's face, including their chin, nostrils and plump lips.

Stacey revealed the sonogram to followers.

Solomon accused Swash of looking like a 'carp' as he pursed his lips to try and encourage viewers to take his side, while the I'm A Celebrity star argued that his lips are the same colour as his skin, so you 'can't even see [his] lips'.

"That's not my fault," Solomon pointed out, before Swash suggested she was feeling 'threatened' at the thought of losing the debate.

Alongside the image from the scan, Solomon wrote: "This little one looks so different from all of my other scans. But who's [sic] lips are those?"

The parents might be able to get a better idea of whose lips the baby inherited when it's actually born, and thankfully there isn't too long to wait.

Stacey and Joe announced their new baby over the festive season.

Loose Women presenter Solomon surprised fans by announcing her pregnancy over the Christmas period and revealing she was already eight months gone.

In an Instagram Q&A after the revelation, Solomon explained that she and Swash didn't find out about their bun in the oven until 'past the point people would usually tell people."

In a post shared over the new year, she wrote: "Coming soon… Much sooner than we thought when we found out we still wanted to have that first few months you usually would to adjust and get excited and enjoy it to ourselves, but that didn’t leave us with very long left. So this time next month, we will be getting ready to say hello to a whole new pickle. So grateful."

The new arrival marks Solomon's fifth child and her third with Joe, with whom she currently shares three-year-old son, Rex, and one-year-old daughter, Rose.

Featured Image Credit: staceysolomon/Instagram

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