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Spice Girls 'embarrassed' as unreleased X-rated song surfaced on the internet

Spice Girls 'embarrassed' as unreleased X-rated song surfaced on the internet

The track was reportedly leaked years after being recorded

The Spice Girls are said to be embarrassed after one of their unreleased tracks was reportedly leaked to the internet for all to hear.

The iconic girl band were dropping new tracks left, right and centre throughout the late 90s and early 2000s, so of course fans were none the wiser when one of their songs got cut from the release schedule.

There must be thousands of similar tracks out there that have never seen the light of day after recording, but somehow one of the Spice Girls' long-lost songs managed to find its way online this month.

Fans were intrigued to hear the Spice Girls' unreleased song.

Fans were naturally intrigued to hear the track, but it wasn't just because it had never been heard before.

As well as the possibility of listening to Mel B, Mel C, Emma Bunton, Geri Halliwell and Victoria Beckham sing some new lyrics, fans were also curious about the nature of the song thanks to its explicit title, 'C U Next Tuesday'.

In case you've never come across this particular phrase before, take the capital letters and put them together to make a word - you'll soon see why it shocked fans.

Mel C had previously explained why the song was never released during an interview about the band's Greatest Hits album, which was released in 2007.

The Spice Girls had dozens of popular tracks in the late 90s and early 00s.
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At the time, Mel C commented: "C.U. Next Tuesday was never used because it’s a pile of s***. It would be a big rip-off if Virgin put it on a greatest hits album now."

It's clear from her comments that the singer was happy with the song staying hidden, so it's understandable that she, and perhaps her other bandmates, might not be very impressed to find it spread across the internet.

Fans wish the track had been released earlier.

A music insider commented on their alleged reaction for The Sun, saying: "The Spice Girls are all at a very different place in their lives now than they were when this song was first written as a tongue-in-cheek track in the Nineties.

"It is obviously a bit embarrassing given the cringeworthy title, as they wouldn’t use the c-word in their own lives. It is a bit of a mystery how on earth it has got out but they aren’t going to dwell on it.

“The group have other projects they are looking forward to in 2023 so are focusing on them and hoping this song — which they were never particularly fond of — is forgotten."

The Spice Girls are also said to have no plans to investigate how the song was released.

Tyla has contacted a representative for The Spice Girls for comment.

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