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Shaughna Phillips hits back at mum-shamers after putting newborn baby in front seat of car

Shaughna Phillips hits back at mum-shamers after putting newborn baby in front seat of car

She was quick to tell trolls that she did everything 'right'

​​Shaughna Phillips wasted no time in telling mum-shamers that she did ‘everything right’ on a recent outing with baby daughter Lucia.

The former Love Island star welcomed her adorable little girl earlier this month and has been sharing her new-mum experiences with her 1.4 million followers on Instagram.

However, while most of her fans have been sending messages of support and congratulations to Shaunghna, the 28-year-old recently revealed she had been getting some trolling from ‘mum-shamers’.

In a post shortly after she shared that she was being induced, she begged her followers: "A polite request. Please refrain from sending me your horror stories of being induced or your opinions on why me being induced is wrong for my baby.

"I appreciate you may mean well, but it is not helpful. As a first time mum, you will know the anxiety I'm feeling.

"And the last thing I need to hear is horrible experiences or being mum-shamed.

"Thanks you for all the lovely messages I've received, they far outweigh the negative ones."

​​Shaughna welcomed daughter Lucia earlier this month.

But little Lucia’s safe arrival doesn’t seem to have stopped the negative comments, with ​​Shaughna recently urging her fans ‘not to come at me (again)’.

In a post shared yesterday, ​​Shaughna could be seen in her car, sticking her thumb up while little Lucia was fast sleep in her car seat next to her.

"First drive on my own? Completed it," she wrote alongside the photo.

"Now I know this might not be a big deal to most people, but to me this was HUGE.

"I can’t explain how crippling my anxiety has been since Lucia arrived, I had anxiety through my pregnancy and I really thought it would ease up once she was here but my God I was wrong.

"I’ve spoken briefly with my midwife about it, and I think it’s going to be something I may need to speak to my doctor about for some help with, but I’m trying.

​​Shaughna was proud of herself for driving with her newborn.

"I know the more I let my anxiety stop me from doing things, the more Lucia will miss out on, and I’m determined to not let it get the better of me!"

And before trolls even had the chance to run riot in her comments, ​​Shaughna added: "Before the mum police come for me, just want to assure you that passenger airbags were turned off, seatbelt was used correctly, it’s legal for her to be in the front with me.

"She was strapped in securely, picture was taken when I was parked, and if there’s anything else I’ve forgotten, I did that right as well."

You tell ‘em, ​​Shaughna.

Featured Image Credit: shaughnaphillips/Instagram

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