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Robert Irwin is 'dating' Heath Ledger's niece

Robert Irwin is 'dating' Heath Ledger's niece

The pair were spotted on a beachside date

Robert Irwin was spotted on a 'date' with Heath Ledger’s niece Scarlett Buckley.

Irwin, who is the teenage son of the beloved ‘Crocodile hunter’ Steve Irwin who died in 2006, was spotted cuddling up to Scarlett, also 18, during an apparent date at the beach in Queensland on 18 November.

After eating burgers and fries from the local Grill’d restaurant, the possible new couple eventually cuddled on a path of grass after sitting down.

Robert Irwin was spotted on a date with Scarlett.

Photos of the pair were published by New Idea magazine, which show Robert and Scarlett taking a stroll with the biggest smiles on their faces.

Neither Robert nor Scarlett have spoken about their relationship status so far.

Scarlett, who is based in Perth, is the daughter of Heath Ledger’s sister Kate who has her own design and media productions company. Her father is Nathan Buckley, who owns a floor coverings store.

She also has an identical twin sister named Rorie.

Scarlett and her identical twin Rorie.

Heath rose to fame after starring in the iconic teen comedy 10 Things I Hate About You in 1999. He went on to have critically acclaimed roles in Brokeback Mountain and The Dark Knight in 2005 and 2008 respectively.

The Australian actor shared a daughter with Michelle Williams with whom he was in a relationship with between 2004 and 2007.

Heath’s rising career came to a tragic end when he was found dead on 22 January 2008 aged 28 as a result of an accidental overdose of medications.

Robert with his dad Steve.

Steve Irwin died aged 44 of a stingray attack in 2006 while filming a documentary in the Great Barrier Reef.

Throughout his childhood, Steve had helped his parents to care for the crocodiles and reptiles in their zoo, naturally giving him his love for animals and conservation.

He was the father of two children, Robert and Bindi, and they have both followed in their late father’s steps by becoming animal conservationists.

Bindi, now 24, was only eight years old when her dad died, while Robert was just three.

The siblings and their mum Terri paid tribute to Steve in September.

Bindi, who is now mum to one-year-old Grace Warrior Irwin Powell, shared a photo of herself as a youngster, posing in a boat with a baby crocodile in her hands, with her dad grinning behind her.

She wrote: "Grandpa Crocodile, I know you would’ve been the most incredible grandfather because you were such an extraordinary dad. Thank you for being an amazing guardian angel for Grace."

Meanwhile, Robert shared a photo of his dad holding him as a baby.

He wrote: "It’s Father’s Day today in Australia, and I am sending my love to those who are missing their dad today.

"I cherish all the good times with my dad and feel grateful to be able to keep his memory and legacy alive."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram / robertirwinphotography / Scarlett Buckey / Facebook

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