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Robbie Williams says he was 'too nervous' around Kylie Minogue for any romance

Robbie Williams says he was 'too nervous' around Kylie Minogue for any romance

Robbie Williams has said he was not confident enough around Kylie Minogue for any romance despite having a crush on her.

Robbie Williams has said he was 'too nervous' around Kylie Minogue after he revealed that she was his ultimate 'crush'.

Williams is now married to former X Factor judge and actor Ayda Fields, after the pair tied the knot in 2010.

The couple have four children together - Teddy, who is nine, Charlie, seven, Coco, three, and Beau, two.

But it could have been oh-so different for Williams as he revealed he had a massive crush on Minogue in his youth.

And in a new interview, he revealed he was too nervous to make a move and 'not as much happened as he had wanted'.

Robbie Williams admitted he had a crush on Kylie Minogue.
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Williams appeared on Scott Mill's Radio 2 show My Life Thru A Lens, in which he was asked by Scott if there was anything to the rumours about him and Minogue.

He said: "Not as much as I wanted to be unfortunately.

"I messed that up by being 13 whenever I was around her. It was like the girl from the year above me. 'I don't know how to speak to you!"

"But she's my crush, my crush of all crushes."

Williams noticed his attraction for Minogue after the pair teamed up for a music duet on the 2000 single 'Kids'.

The music video for that classic track concluded with Williams in a swimming pool with Minogue stripping off for him.

The Australian singer then joins him in the pool, and the pair have an intimate moment together.

But while filming that, Williams revealed that he poked fun at her when she stripped off for the video, basically destroying any chance they had at romance.

In an interview with French magazine Paris Match last year, Williams admitted his dating life wasn't the best in his 20s as he was rising to fame as part of Take That.

Robbie Williams is married to Adya Field.
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He said: "Yes, well, we are repeatedly told that we must be in a monogamous relationship and that love will heal us and fill in the gaps.

"And that's what I thought celebrity would do for me. Except that, in both cases, the reality was disappointing.

"I'm not saying that these women were disappointing, but... the relationships you had at 20 are not public, mine are forever."

In the interview, Williams was also asked about rumours he had dated Kylie and Nicole Kidman in the past, which he flat out denied while referencing former US president Bill Clinton.

He said: "As Bill Clinton would say, I never had any relationship with any of these women."

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