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Model Risa Hirako’s real age will leave you shocked

Model Risa Hirako’s real age will leave you shocked

We can't believe it!

A model has left people stunned after revealing her real age, with many social media users begging for her to share a skin care routine because of her youthful appearance.

Japanese model Risa Hirako often shares beauty and health tips with her 250,000 followers.

As people beg Rina to share her beauty secrets, the influencer says it's all down to eating healthy organic meals and keeping your skin hydrated by drinking lots of water.

People can't believe Risa's real age.

Risa often posts her meals on Instagram, too. They all look deliciously healthy and balanced, with yummy options such as avocado on toast, fruit smoothies and lots of green tea.

She also credits spending lots of time outdoors in nature as one of the best ways to stay healthy.

“Try to eat organic foods and use organic products as much as possible," she captioned an Instagram post from 2016. "Keep your skin moisturised and hydrated 24hrs!!!!"

Even so, people can't believe the influencer is 51 years old because of her youthful appearance.

Apparently, whenever Risa ventures outside to enjoy the sun, she is usually pictured wearing a hat and protective clothes to shield her skin from harmful UV rays.

This summer she wore a chic denim bucket hat during a trip to LA.

Risa credits healthy meals and skincare to her look.

Lots of Risa's fans credit her styling and fashion choices plus her hairstyles and makeup as helping her keep a young look.

Risa isn't the only person whose age-defying looks leaves people mind-blown. Iconic fashion designer Vera Wang has stunned social media with her pictures from her pink-themed birthday party in June.

She was pictured holding a Vera Wang-branded silver bottle of prosecco in a room decorated with gorgeous pink flowers and lights.

Vera wore a stunning light pink gown with a tiara and matching pink streaks in her hair.

“Celebrating my Bday with CAKES and KARAOKE…… and my new ROSÉ PROSECCO!!!!!! #VeraWangParty,” she wrote alongside the image.

Fans took to the comments to wish Wang a happy birthday and begged her to share her secret after realising her age.

The celebrity wedding dress guru was celebrating her 73rd birthday.

She also revealed the secret behind her youthful look and spoiler alert, it's not water or organic food. The mum-of-two told the BBC getting a good night’s sleep and finishing the day with a vodka cocktail to help her maintain her work-life balance is what has kept her looking so youthful.

We're updating our skincare routine ASAP!

Featured Image Credit: @risa_hirako/Instagram

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