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Richard Madeley Called Out By GMB Viewers For 'Creepy' Comment To Lioness Chloe Kelly

Richard Madeley Called Out By GMB Viewers For 'Creepy' Comment To Lioness Chloe Kelly

Social media viewers were not happy about what he called the England player.

Richard Madeley has been slammed by viewers of Good Morning Britain for his 'creepy' comment to Lioness Chloe Kelly.

She was being in interviewed in the wake of the Euro 2022 final, which saw the team's first-ever major women's championship victory. Watch the awkward encounter below:

The pair discussed Chloe's historic goal that sealed England's victory, and her decision to celebrate by taking off her shirt and swinging it around her head.

This resulted in the 24-year-old jubilantly running around in a sports bra and shorts, and she explained that male players would have done the same thing.

"I'm taking my shirt off, I'm going crazy because a male footballer they'd be doing exactly the same so as a woman why can't we?" she said.

The interview marked was the player's first since the historic win, and she sai that she is doing her best to live in the moment.

"It hasn't settled in yet. I think I'm just living in the moment," Chloe said.

"And not really looking at my phone too much because I'm living in the now and taking it all in."

The host didn't win any of Chloe's fans.
Good Morning Britain

However, as the interview came to a close, Richard, 66, called Chloe 'Coco', which is the nickname he uses for his own daughter.

This did not go unnoticed by social media commentators, who took to Twitter to slam the host for the allegedly 'creepy' comment.

One wrote: "Richard that sounded really creepy. @GMB #GMB #CoCo."

"She is not Your Chloe!" added a second while a third wrote: "Richard calling Chloe Kelly Coco" and accompanied it with a sick emoji and one of a monkey covering its face.

"Richard calling that lioness footballer the same nickname he calls his daughter is just creepy and totally inappropriate. She's called Chloe, not Coco!" complained a fifth viewer.

A sixth, meanwhile, shared a photograph of Chloe's apparent reaction to the name.

They wrote: "Chloe Kelly's face after Richard Madeley says 'Chloe - or 'Coco' as I call my daughter Chloe - Coco, thank you very much indeed for coming in.'"

However, it wasn't just the nickname that angered viewers on social media.

Another took umbrage with Richard's assertion that no one knew who Chloe was prior to her winning the historic game.

"Not Richard Madeley interviewing Chloe Kelly and telling her that just last week she could walk into any supermarket and not be recognised," they wrote. "She's a Man City, Champion's League striker. Cannot eye roll enough at this clown."

Featured Image Credit: Good Morning Britain

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