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Queen's 'Sassy' Response After Being Asked To Take Off Her Crown

Queen's 'Sassy' Response After Being Asked To Take Off Her Crown

The nerve!

People are loving the Queen's sassy response to a photographer after she was asked to take off her crown during a regal photoshoot.

When footage from the 2007 BBC documentary A Year With The Queen recently resurfaced on TikTok, viewers couldn't believe that photographer Annie Leibovitz would be so bold with the monarch.

However, the Queen was ready with a quick-witted response. You can watch the moment here:

Though the footage was taken years ago, many had not seen the amusing clip until it was reposted to TikTok by account @brittoker this week.

Reacting to the moment, many were shocked that the renowned photographer was confident enough to ask the Queen to remove take off her crown in the first place.

One commented: "Yeah… you don’t ask the queen to take off her crown 🥴"

A second added: "take the Crown off, excuse me do you know who you are talking too??? The Crown stays 👑".

Inspired by the Queen's decision to keep her crown firmly on, a third TikToker wrote: "we need to take note girls, we're letting no one force us to take off our crowns".

In awe of the way the monarch handled the unusual request, a fourth raved: "I love liz’s sense of humour and her sarcasm".

Queen Elizabeth spoke back when asked to remove her crown. (

The TikTok clip is cut together to show the Queen rushing through the palace with her aides, telling them: "I'm not changing anything. I've done enough dressing like this, thank you very much."

Similarly, when the trailer for the documentary originally aired back on BBC One in 2007, it appeared that the footage of the seemingly irritated Queen storming through the halls was filmed after her exchange with Leibovitz.

However, that wasn't the case at all. In an interview with Vanity Fair later that year, the photographer clarified that those scenes were filmed before she ever suggested the Queen remove her tiara.

The sequence of footage shown by the BBC 'misrepresented' the Queen.(

She explained: "[The Queen] entered the room at a surprisingly fast pace...and muttered: 'Why am I wearing these heavy robes in the middle of the day?'

"She doesn't really want to get dressed up any more. She just couldn't be bothered and I admired her for that."

Soon after, the BBC issued a formal apology to the Queen, admitting it had "misrepresented" her in the photoshoot scene from the trailer, and promised that the sequence of events would not be shown as such in the final programme.

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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