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Stop The Press: Paris Hilton Has Officially Named The Irwin's Baby Giraffe

Stop The Press: Paris Hilton Has Officially Named The Irwin's Baby Giraffe

Can we get Paris to name all our pets from now on?

A new baby giraffe has been welcomed into the Irwin family's Australia Zoo, and her name has been chosen by none other than heiress and social media icon Paris Hilton.

The OG influencer was welcomed into the Irwin family during their collaboration on the Uber Eats 'Tonight I'll Be Eating' campaign.

As part of the campaign, Bindi, Terri, and Robert Irwin have chosen Paris to name their new baby giraffe, and the results are iconic.

According to the 3D billboards plastered around central Melbourne, Australia, Paris has named the giraffe calf Princess Lasagne Baby.

Yes, really.

Princess Lasagne Baby has already become a household name thanks to the eye-catching billboards of her face, accompanied by the words 'Named by Paris Hilton'. What a way to make your debut!

Fans of Princess Lasagne Baby can meet the four-legged celeb in the Irwin's Australia Zoo.

But if a flight down under isn't a possibility for you, then the animal-loving clan have got you covered.

Teaming up with Paris, the Irwins have developed a virtual recreation of their zoo, where you can check out the kangaroos, elephants, crocodiles, dingoes, platypuses, kookaburras, cassowaries, and chihuahuas (an addition from Paris, naturally) through the Uber Eats Zoo Cam.

Paris has also starred alongside the Irwins for a number of video adverts, as the multi-millionaire gets trained up as a zookeeper.

In one clip, Paris adds a chihuahua exhibit to the zoo, before realising that she has put them in with the snakes.

"Crikey!" exclaims Terri. "That's so crikey," replies Paris.

In May this year, when the campaign first launched, Terri discussed the family's plans to team up with the world-famous socialite.

"While she may not be cut out for zoo work, there's no doubt she's a business powerhouse and will help us share Australia Zoo's conservation message with a whole new audience," she told Pedestrian.

Paris has teamed up with the Irwin family.
Uber Eats

Robert Irwin added that he and his family have 'more in common' with Paris than many might think.

"We’re both big, big animal lovers, maybe different kinds of animals, but we both have a really good respect for the natural world," he explained.

"It’s been really really really fun to create this unlikely friendship with Paris. And hopefully one that will continue and when she comes back to Australia, I’m sure we’ll definitely catch up."

Paris was all too eager to confirm that she was just as excited about the pairing.

"I love food, I love ordering and I love the brand Uber so when I got the call to do this, and it was with Australians and the Irwins, I was like, ‘This sounds like so much fun.’ I love the Aussies!”

Featured Image Credit: Alamy

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