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Our Yorkshire Farm's Amanda Owen returns to social media for first time since cheating scandal

Our Yorkshire Farm's Amanda Owen returns to social media for first time since cheating scandal

Our Yorkshire Farm star Amanda Owen has retuned to social media following her reported affair

Our Yorkshire Farm's Amanda Owen has returned to social media for the first time since her apparent cheating scandal.

The Channel 5 series acts as a behind-the-scenes look at how one of the UK's most remote farms is run.

But the 48-year-old had gone radio silence in the last few weeks following reports she had a secret five-year affair with businessman Robert Davies.

The 71-year-old Robert is said to have been married five times before, with his fourth wife, Jan Coates, previously offering a warning to Amanda.

In a message to Amanda, Jan told the Daily Mail: "Once somebody is in love with someone they don't want to know. I would just say be very careful and think about your children."

Clive Owen and Amanda Owen were the stars of Our Yorkshire Farm.
Channel 5

Amanda's husband, Clive Owen, has also spoke publicly about the affair before, saying he 'played a massive part' in the 'messy' breakup.

The couple split in June 2022, with Amanda announcing the separation at the time via an Instagram story.

On behalf of the pair, she wrote, “Clive and I are sad to confirm that we have made the difficult decision to separate.”

“This hasn’t been easy, but we both believe it’s the right choice for the future of our family.

“Although we are no longer a couple, we continue to work on the farm and co-parent together, with our number one priority the happiness and wellbeing of our children.”

But while many would have thought the apparent affair would have been the reason for the separation, Clive said in a previous interview he is the one who was responsible for ‘driving her away’.

Appearing on ITV's Lorraine in April, Clive said he had 'behaved badly’.

Now, weeks after that interview, Amanda has broken her silence and returned to social media with a series of family snaps.

The photos, uploaded to Instagram, show her celebrating son Miles' 17th birthday with a rather large chocolate cake.

Amanda returned to social media with a series of snaps.

There is one particular picture that has fans talking though, and that is one of them all sitting by the water.

"Nice to see Clive in the pictures too, looks like a good summer so far," one fan commented.

While Amanda didn't confirm Clive was in the photos, you'd expect him to be there as the pair do have nine children together.

As for other comments on the Instagram post, many were just happy to see Amanda back online.

One person wrote: "Really lovely to see you all. Really miss you as a family on TV."

Another added: "Agree with everyone else, good to see you and your lovely family."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@yorkshireshepherdess/Channel 5

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