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Inside the lavish goodie bags for this year's Oscars worth more than $100,000

Inside the lavish goodie bags for this year's Oscars worth more than $100,000

While not everyone can win an Oscar, none of the A List nominees will go home empty handed thanks to the lavish swag bag.

Although not everyone can win an Oscar, none of this year’s acting and directing nominees will be going home empty-handed thanks to the event's lavish gift bag.

Worth an estimated $100,000 (£83k), gifts include everything an A-Lister could ever need from plastic surgery to a plot of land in Australia.

Despite the staggering sum it costs to produce, curator Lash Fary has said the bags serve a higher purpose, with celebs promoting small businesses.

While there is an insane assortment of high-end items on offer, one surprising item has been banned for this year’s goodie bag: the sex toy.

According to Lash Fary, after many years the adult toys have been ousted and he revealed that he’d not been allowed to include them this time.

It’s unclear whether the decision came from the Academy, but the Distinctive Assets founder admitted that he’s often added one to help out A-Listers.

“I used to include it because it was a lovely, discreet way for Meryl Streep or Jennifer Lawrence or any of these amazing nominees, who can't go to a sex shop and pick up some fun things, to do it discreetly,” he explained on Australia’s The Morning Show.

Though there might not be a sex toy, A-Listers will still be able to have some, um, after hours fun with the edible avocado oil that’s been included.

The annual awards has a highly sought after goodie bag.
Ellen DeGeneres/Instagram

Sticking with celebrity secrets, stars can also treat themselves to the latest tweakments as the goodie bag includes over $10,000 (£8.9k) in vouchers for facial treatments including chemical peelers and fillers.

A-Listers will also get $12,000 (£9.9k) worth of liposuction sessions to help them stay in tip top shape for future awards seasons.

If that wasn’t enough, they will also get a range of wellness escapes at this year’s Oscars.

They’ll be able to chill out during a $40,000 (£33,000) three-night luxury woodland escape in Ottawa, Canada, before travelling to the sun-soaked volcanic island of Ischia in Italy.

Rihanna will be performing at this year's star studded event.

The highly sought after swag bag even includes the deed to a small plot of land in Australia, which Fary included to help support Aussie conservation efforts.

Calling the goodie bags ‘celebrity marketing with a mission’, the curator carefully selected presents which support charitable causes or small businesses.

"While our gifts may be famous for being fun, fabulous, useful and unique, they also serve a grander purpose,” Fary said.

As well as luxurious skincare, sweet treats and drinks on display, PETA have also supplied an airplane pillow which gives a nod to their latest campaign to stop monkey imports to labs.

Fary told press: "These nominees are in a unique position to help participating brands immeasurably by simply wearing, using and talking about these products."

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/Yulia Koltyrina/Alamy Stock Photo

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