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Myleene Klass opens up about having four miscarriages before son's birth

Myleene Klass opens up about having four miscarriages before son's birth

Myleene Klass currently has three children

Myleene Klass has shared a heartfelt post about having four miscarriages before the birth of her son.

The British musician bravely opened up on the 'utter trauma' and 'pain' of her tragic past and how people only see the 'perfect side' of her life on social media.

She is currently mum to three children, Ava, 14, Hero, 10, and Apollo, two.

Alongside an emotional video of the birth of Apollo, the mother said she never thought the 'moment would actually come'.

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"You see the seemingly perfect side of my life a lot on socials but like everything, there is another side and for me, losing a baby near enough every year for four consecutive years turned me into someone I didn’t recognise," she wrote.

Myleene previously opened up on 2021 documentary Miscarriage & Me, while trying to have a baby with Simon Motson.

The 44-year-old mum-of-three has now become an ambassador for UK charity Tommy’s.

"When I finally fell pregnant with Apollo, I had gotten to a point where I didn’t believe in my body anymore, seeing a pram in the park, an advert on the train, another gender reveal online, it was mentally debilitating," Myleene added.

"It literally took an army for me to get Snoopy. I called @noholdenback (friend and fellow Tommys ambassador) who got me to #PippaNightingale who literally held my hand through it all.

"Since my 4 miscarriages, I have made a Bafta nominated documentary, ‘Myleene Klass: Miscarriage and Me’ helping to break the taboo and I continue alongside @oliviablake_mp to lobby government to change the current antiquated health care system in place for women experiencing miscarriage (as it stands, a woman is required to have 3 consecutive miscarriages before she receives medical intervention) and now I am an official ambassador for a charity that constantly pushes forwards with data collection, scientific analysis and ultimately helps women and their partners experiencing miscarriage loss."

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She continued: "I never imagined this as the path I would find myself on but I have a voice and a platform that I will continue to use to call for and ultimately secure change.

"The odds currently stand at 1 in 4 pregnancies ending in MC and yet 8000 babies every year can be saved with medical intervention from progesterone alone. (I myself took this).

"It would be easier to move on from this and just live my life but I owe it to my children, my friends and family who both stood by me and who also experienced this trauma themselves and ultimately to my angel babies, that their limited tiny heartbeats on this earth were not in vain."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@myleeneklass

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