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Mum warns Taylor Swift that she'll have 'blood on her hands' unless she announces more shows

Mum warns Taylor Swift that she'll have 'blood on her hands' unless she announces more shows

The ticket buying experience has parents feeling stressed out

With more tour dates being announced for Taylor Swift's Eras tour, Swifties are feeling the pressure to get tickets.

And nobody is feeling that pressure greater than the parents of pint-sized Swift fans.

One mum has aired her frustrations and called upon the 'Anti-Hero' singer to announce more tickets for her Australia tour.

Amanda Blair, a parent of 'die hard' Swifties, took to Facbeook to vent about the ticket buying process.

Blair wrote: "Hey the announcement of your Australian tour has put all parents under enormous pressure. We’re being hassled day and night to get on the ‘priority list’ for tickets and being urged to ‘PAY AS MUCH AS YOU CAN’ for a seat.

"Personally I’ve been told that if I don’t secure tickets on Wednesday my child will ‘DIE’ by ‘CRYING HERSELF TO DEATH’.

"So just letting you know Tay-Tay that unless you announce more concerts so that every child who wants ‘nothing else for birthday and Xmas for the next 4 years Mum I promise’ can get a ticket without their parents selling their souls, possessions and dignity, you will have blood on your hands."

Taylor Swift is being called upon to add more dates to her tour.
YouTube/Taylor Swift

In the words of Swift's 2019 single, you need to calm down.

Although the mum's statement may seem a tad dramatic, it resonated with other tense parents.

"I too am hoping for tickets - thinking they’ll be way up in the nose bleed section if I’m lucky enough. Hope you manage to get tickets for your daughter and she has a blast seeing Tay-Tay and no doubt be forever indebted to her mum," one empathetic mum commented.

Another wrote: "It’s all my 18-year-old has talked about. Good luck getting tickets as you’re up against mega fans who have held meetings and strategised different scenarios."

One parent admitted: "I used a credit card which I’ll pay off in 44 days. I think it’s worth it to secure any type of seat! I paid $900 just because I didn’t want the stress on Wednesday! If you want a three-hour concert, of Taylor singing her Eras and a full blown production for a concert, you unfortunately have to pay."

Taylor Swift's Eras tour has been a smash hit but caused headaches for parents.
YouTube/Taylor Swift

In a follow up post, Blair addressed those who had taken her melodramatic status literally.

She wrote: "Next time I write a post that's entirely tongue-in-cheek, I'll be mindful to make sure it's more clearly stated that it's 'A JOKE'.

"Thanks to all those people who have told me to stand up to my kids, that my kids are spoilt, that I'm a bad parent, that I should donate my money to charity instead, that this wouldn't happen in their day blah blah blah.

"Glad you got the joke ! Sheesh.......

"Good luck tomorrow. Adelaide people, 1.30 pm DON'T FORGET IT OR ELSE ....!"

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