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Molly-Mae posts sweet tribute to Tommy Fury after he beat Jake Paul in boxing match

Molly-Mae posts sweet tribute to Tommy Fury after he beat Jake Paul in boxing match

Molly-Mae was proud as punch after Tommy's win

Molly-Mae Hague was the proudest girlfriend in the world last night, after her partner and the father of her newborn baby Tommy Fury defeated long-time rival Jake Paul in a highly anticipated grudge fight.

Tommy, who had been the target of Jake Paul's taunts for the last two years, beat the YouTuber-turned-boxer in a split decision.

Although Molly couldn't be with Tommy in Saudi Arabia this weekend, since she was caring for their baby daughter Bambi, the reality star showed her support from afar with the sweetest Instagram tribute.

Molly shared a special tribute to Tommy after his win against Jake Paul.

Before the fight began, Molly shared a screenshot from her FaceTime call with Tommy, with baby Bambi in her arms.

She captioned the photo: "Calls with Dadda. Tonight is YOUR night. Get the job done and get home, my boy. we are so beyond proud of you. Your team forever. Let's go!"

As soon as Tommy was declared the winner on Sunday night, Molly, who was tuned in from home, shared a photo of her champion boyfriend to her Instagram Story, writing that there was 'never a doubt in [her] mind.'

Over the moon with Tommy's win, Molly then shared a follow-up post to her Story, sharing with fans just how much this meant to them.

In the post, which included an adorable snap of the family of three, Molly wrote: "The pressure that was on this boy's shoulders... I will never ever know how he dealt with it.

"Never been more proud of anyone in my life. Get home to us, our champ."

Molly was unbelievably proud of Tommy.

The win was, of course, a big deal for Tommy, who had his family's reputation on the line, and an older brother who told him he'd have to change his surname if he lost.

But it must have been just as important to Molly-Mae, who found herself unintentionally wrapped up in the boxing drama on more than one occasion, thanks to Jake Paul.

Back in 2021, Molly-Mae found herself in the centre of a media frenzy when Jake claimed that the Love Island star had DMed him on Instagram, sharing a screenshot of a message she had allegedly sent him before she made a name for herself.

Responding to the doctored photo at the time, Molly wrote: "Times must be hard when you're having to fake a DM... photoshop is scary."

Fans quickly debunked Jake's screenshot, noting that the DM, which included a white heart emoji, had supposedly been sent in 2018, but the white heart emoji was released in an iOS update in 2019.

Tommy took home the belt after Sunday's fight in Saudi Arabia.
PA Images/Alamy Stock Photo

Jake Paul caused further drama earlier this year when, in yet another tweet calling out Tommy, he leaked the news that Tommy and Molly-Mae had welcomed their baby girl.

Ahead of the fight this week, Jake did apologise to Tommy for 'accidentally' leaking the news, handing his rival a gift from a 'nice designer baby brand' for baby Bambi.

After finally taking on and defeating Jake this weekend, Tommy dedicated his win to his baby girl Bambi.

Overcome with emotion in his post-victory speech, Tommy said: "I want to dedicate this fight to my new baby girl Bambi at home and my missus.

"I love you and I can't wait to see you."

He added: "This fight is for you, Bambi, I love you."

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