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Molly-Mae Hague says motherhood is harder than expected as she shares plans for second child

Molly-Mae Hague says motherhood is harder than expected as she shares plans for second child

Molly-Mae has found motherhood harder than she expected while also sharing plans for a second child

Molly-Mae Hague says motherhood is harder than she expected it to be as she shares plans for a second child.

The Love Island star welcomed her adorable baby girl Bambi back in January with her partner, Tommy Fury.

Like a real love story, the pair met on the ITV show in 2019 and have been together ever since.

And the couple warmed all our hearts after they announced that they were expecting a child together.

Molly-Mae gives us a regular insight to their lives with her social media posts and popular YouTube videos, and has been very open about her new life as a mum.

Last night (13 June), the 24-year-old invited her 7.5million Instagram followers for a chat, writing on her story: "Bambi down for the night! Let's catchup."

After revealing she feels 'so lucky' that her daughter sleeps through the night and is already showing a personality, she then opened up about possibly having a second child.

Molly-Mae Hague and her baby girl Bambi.

A fan asked her: "Are there plans for a little Bambi sister or brother soon?!"

Molly-Mae then answered: "Definitely not for a good while. Someday I'll be ready.

"But it's not unknown that I've found it harder than I expected to (even though I'm doing so much better now).

"Plus I don't know how anyone looks after more than one baby, you're superheroes."

The reality TV star has been super honest about her difficulties adjusting to being a mum.

Molly-Mae revealed that a second child was a possibility but not for a good while.

She's addressed it in various social media posts and broke into tears when she opened up in an earlier YouTube video, entitled 'The Truth'.

Explaining that she had felt 'overwhelmed every single day', she said that she'd found becoming a mum 'really, really hard'.

When Bambi was just two months old, Molly-Mae said: "I feel like I’m questioning everything I’m saying,

"I’m thinking, ‘Oh my God, what are people going to think if I say that?’ because I’m trying to be so transparent and so real about the last two months of my life - but I’m also really scared to do that.

Molly-Mae and Tommy welcomed Bambi to the world in January 2023.

"I’ve just been trying to talk, and nothing is coming out, I feel like what I’m saying isn’t making sense and my brain is jumbled and my brain just is not my brain anymore.

"And I just don’t feel myself, you know?"

It's good to hear from this little Instagram Q&A that she is doing 'so much better' since her video in March.

The mum also revealed that she's been thinking of getting a tattoo in honour of her daughter.

"Omg I've been really thinking of getting a little 'B' somewhere," she wrote.

"But Tommy won't do it with me because he doesn't want one and I only want to do it together."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@mollymae

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