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Maria Fowler Shares Graphic Pics Of C-Section

Maria Fowler Shares Graphic Pics Of C-Section

The Only Way Is Essex star Maria Fowler has shared intimate images from the birth of her daughter Nellie Maria.

Warning: This article contains graphic content.

Maria Fowler has shared the intimate pictures taken during her C-section as she gave birth to daughter, Nellie, 13 months.

The former The Only Way is Essex star, 35, who also has daughter Evie, five, said she intended to ‘push’ and have a natural birth after being under general anaesthetic and being 'asleep' for her first birthing experience.

She then wrote in detail about welcoming her second child, including hearing her new born daughter cry for the first time and watching partner Kelvin Batey cut the umbilical cord.

Maria Fowler shared pictures from her c-section on Instagram (
Maria Fowler/Instagram)

“Doctors, screen, incisions, not what I expected,” she said in the caption.

“The first born birth I missed. I was asleep, general anaesthetic.

“This time I was hoping to push push and hear her cry, have a natural birth, the way nature intended.

“The time comes. 9am, pre booked, New nightie, No breakfast. Blood, cuts, quiet discussion. It’s not a natural birth but this time I will see it, see her lifted. “Feelings and emotions flowing through me, through him. He holds my hand. Apprehensive, he too missed the first birth.

Maria wants to encourage mums to share their birthing stories (
Maria Fowler/Instagram)

“Spinal in, cut slowly. 5 layers and It’s time. Screen lowered, baby lifted. Vernix & blood, like a natural birth. I see her tiny body, I hear her cry, I cry.

“My second born but first birth experience. Nellie Maria. 7lb 2oz I hear them say. Daddy cuts the cord, I get the first hold. "It’s not textbook perfect but it’s enough. She’s here she’s safe.”

The mum-of-two shared the pictures and the lengthy caption in collaboration with the maternity brand @frida_uk to encourage other mums to share their own birthing experience."

Maria Fowler starred in TOWIE between 2010-2011 (

“For many mums the birth is the start of a new journey. We might have to heal physically, even mentally. Sometimes our babies need time to heal too, sometimes premature they need more time to grow,” she adds.

“Early babies, angel babies, so many experiences. Forceps, C sections, General anaesthetic, you’re not alone.”

Maria also said she hopes to show pictures that are unfiltered on social media.

“Lets break taboos and encourage conversation. We are often painted a picture of others birth experiences, perfect and filtered and it can make us feel like we have failed. You haven’t failed.

“You don’t need to expect perfection your body is incredible and no matter how you bring your baby into the world you are amazing."

Featured Image Credit: Maria Fowler/Insatgram

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