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Beyoncé shares rare pictures of her natural hair as she reveals routine secrets

Beyoncé shares rare pictures of her natural hair as she reveals routine secrets

She took to Instagram to her haircare routine with fans

Now, everyone has been absolutely obsessed with Beyoncé as of recent ever since she dropped her eagerly-anticipated 'Cowboy Carter' album last month (28 March).

However, it seems fans have since shifted their attention away from the 42-year-old 'Drunk in Love' star's musical capabilities and onto her gorgeous locks after she shared a rare glimpse of her natural hair.

Beyoncé took to Instagram yesterday (22 April) to share with her 319 million followers her haircare routine and the Bey Hive have been sent into a total frenzy.

Giving fans a peek into beauty regimen, the singer promoted her own Cécred line of products, which she credits as the reason why her hair is the healthiest and strongest it's ever been.

In the video, Bey can be seen having her curls washed and treated with products from the haircare range at a salon.

She can be heard saying: "Now that Cécred is known for the quality and what it does for your hair, I think it's about time I show y'all what it does for my hair."

Elsewhere in the video, she also praised her Fermented Rice & Rose Protein Ritual conditioner, adding: "There's nothing in the world like this conditioner, I love it, there's nothing like it!"

Beyoncé gave fans a glimpse into her haircare routine. (Instagram/@beyonce)
Beyoncé gave fans a glimpse into her haircare routine. (Instagram/@beyonce)

Her stylist then gave Beyoncé a blow-dry and flat-ironed her hair while she opened up about common misconceptions about people who wear wigs.

She said: "The stigma and misconception is that people that wear wigs don't have long and healthy hair.

"That's some bulls**t, 'cause it ain't nobody's business."

"I've chosen color over perms or relaxers," Beyoncé went on to note. "I've managed to keep my texture and my curls even with my hair so blonde."

She went on to thank her line of products for keeping her hair healthy over the years, continuing: "It's never been so moisturised... and my hair is flourishing."

The final steps in her routine included setting her locks with rollers for a lovely, voluminous finish with a sleek ponytails to top it all off.

The 'Texas Hold 'Em' star promoted her line of haircare products in the Instagram tutorial. (Instagram/@beyonce)
The 'Texas Hold 'Em' star promoted her line of haircare products in the Instagram tutorial. (Instagram/@beyonce)

She then ended the video thanking her fans for their support with the line of haircare products: "We're building the community that I've always dreamt about.

"I'm proud of the ingredients, I'm proud of the way it's making people feel, I'm proud that it's not one-dimensional, and that it's for multiple textures."

She captioned the clip: "It has been such a special experience seeing all of your #cecredwashday rituals all over my timeline… I just had to join in with something I had in the archives."

Bey explained that 'being disruptive and challenging everything people feel should be the process' has always been something 'exciting' to her.

"My hair and music seemed to do that a lot over the years…" she continued.

The Grammy award-winning music icon carried on: "Maintaining 25 years of blonde on natural hair through all the experimenting I do has played a huge part in developing @cecred’s products.

"It’s the hardest to keep colour-treated hair healthy and strong, but @cecred is here. All quality, with NO shortcuts. Congratulations to the entire CÉCRED team for contributing to developing award-winning products."

Fans have since rushed in to share their praise, with one Instagram user writing: "THAT’S WHAT WE WERE ALL WAITING FOR!"

A second gushed: "You have really outdone yourself, we get a full conversation today! I'm hyperventilating!"

And a third chimed in: "Serving long healthy hair and a fresh face. I think I love this era most."

Featured Image Credit: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for iHeartRadio/Instagram/beyonce

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