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Lea Michele's son taken to hospital with 'scary health issue'

Lea Michele's son taken to hospital with 'scary health issue'

The Glee star asked fans to send love and strength

Glee star Lea Michele has asked fans to send 'love and strength' after her son was hospitalised with a 'scary health issue'.

The actor, 36, made the plea on Instagram as she announced she would be taking a break from her Broadway show, Funny Girl, to be with her son.

Michele shares her only child, two-year-old Ever, with her husband Zandy Reich, who she married in 2019.

She occasionally shares snaps of the little boy with fans on her Instagram page, but only a small glimpse of him was visible in the photo she shared to her Instagram Stories on Wednesday (22 March).

Michele shares her son Ever with her husband.

The mum was seen cradling her son as he was tucked up in a hospital bed alongside a cuddly toy, with what looked to be a hospital wristband wrapped around his arm.

Alongside the image, Michele wrote: "I'm so sorry but unfortunately I will be out of [Funny Girl] today. We are at the hospital with our son dealing with a scary health issue that I need to be here for. I'm so sorry. Please send us some love and strength."

Michele doesn't appear to have provided any public updates on her son's wellbeing since, but fans met her plea as they sent their well-wishes for her little boy.

"Sweet Ever may you return to full health soon," one Twitter user wrote, adding: "Much love to them all."

The mum shared a snap of her son in hospital.

And another commented: "Sending lots of love to Lea Michele and her little boy Ever during this difficult time, he will get better soon."

Michele welcomed Ever into the world in August 2020 after she had announced her pregnancy the previous May, with a photo of her baby bump and the caption: "So grateful."

The Glee star had previously gushed over the thought of being a mum, telling Health she wanted 'like, ten kids'.

"Oh my gosh, I hope to be a mum of, like, ten kids—if it’s physically possible to pop that many out!" she said.

"I’m so excited about the thought of being a mum."

Fans have shared their well-wishes for the star.

Michele also praised her husband and expressed her excitement to embark on their marriage together, saying: "I always had relationships where I needed to be the one holding down the fort, and it’s wonderful to have someone who’s in their own lane and has a foundation for who they are and where they are in their own life.

"We met at the same level personally and professionally. And to go on that journey now together is unbelievable."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@leamichele

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